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The Official Nintendo Wii Discussion Thread

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A couple quick game reviews:



Rayman Raving Rabbids


Okay, fun, fun game. A little twisted.


We have decided that after playing the "Workout" ones that they need to make some wireless nunchucks.


Zelda Twilight Princess


Quite possibly the best game ever, and I haven't played a full Zelda game since Zelda II Links Adventure. I may have to go back and play the rest.

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Got a Wii yesterday and am just getting started. I thought the Wii had online playing already so that kind of sucked to find out there is no support yet. Will they be able to enable current games for online play through a software update for each game stored on the Wii, or will it only be for future titles?


Also, is Wario worth the money if you don't have people over to play alot? My friends are super lazy and can't be arsed to drive 15 minutes across town.





Won't you be my neighbor?

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Got my third Nunchuk tonight, along with Metal Slug Anthology. No more feeding quarters into the machine. If you love side scrolling Contra-like action/shooting, get this! This game has tons of control setups: Gamecube controller, tilt (Right and left handed), Nunchuk only, Nunchuk control stick, Wiimote as a joystick (Very hard to master) and NES pad style (Lefty or Righty). I prefer the NES pad style myself. This is a perfect porting of an arcade version right down the the SFX and the "Free Play" at the bottom of the screen. Best of all, I got $5 off of it as I had a coupon to use to get $5 off of any next gen game with purchase of a next gen first party controller.


Now, off to hunt down my last nunchuk!

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Wario Ware is GREAT.

It will feel short, but the game isn't for story.

It can get really really hard, especially in the "elephant" levels.

Not the form "elephant", but the character.

It makes little sense when you read it, but if you play it it will.

Also, it will make you laugh.


The funniest game since... well.. the lsat Wario Ware...

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OMG! I got Wario Ware today. It totally rules! And i got it for much cheaper then expected, since Nintendo Australia lowered prices, which means i still have $20 of EB credit left. I was also going to buy another Numchuk, but they hadn't any in stock.



But on to Wario Ware:


I LOVE this game!I still can't defeat the Inventor Level, but i'm working on it! SOme of the mini games are absolutely hilarious, especially the one were you have to hit the guy over the head with the stick. I would reccomend this game to all!

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I mention some of the warioware microgames in this post, so skim over if you dont wanna read.



I got Warioware too, overall a really fun game, and I like it basically for the same points everyone else does. i loved the imaginiative ways they thought of using controller, like the volleyball game, swinging like an ape, geeze even vacuuming was a cool idea. The controls are ok, but feel laggy in parts. In paticular the bosses were all really good too, the block stacking one and the dancing ones are the best.


I have a handful of gripes with it though:


-Too many of the games went for that half assed graphical look, i know its sort of a series trademark, but they did have a tendency to mix graphical styles so some games just came off looking cheap. However some of them looked very nice, such as the one where you photograph the model, the dumbell game, the pancake flipping game and these were the ones that had a consistent look.


-There seemed to be a fair few 2D pointer type games, which can sometimes be frustrating because in the heat of the game you can lose contact with the sensor bar and subsequently lose. Personally i prefered the ones that needed full motion (like the barcode scanning game). I mean warioware touched wasall about moving things around on screen, drawing lines etc, i dont really see the point in re-doing these sorts of games again (They even re used that game where you use a torch to find someone in the dark)


-Multiplayer was ok, but it would have been nice to have a split screen mode where everyone competes at the same time in the different character stages. IMO its a bit hypocritical to continuously remind you to use the wrist strap, yet have single controller multiplayer modes that make this impossible.


-They got rid of the option to play individual microgames for high score

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I spent the night at my friend's house last night, and he happened to get a Wii! That system is REALLY the coolest thing ever.


By the way, I have a question. Once you set up a Wii, is there a way to recalibrate the pointer or something like that kind of thing? Cause I couldn't find anything that helps in the Options menu.

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Can anyone help me with Wario Ware?



I'm on the Boss Stage of the Invent off. I have gone into it with 4 lives at some points, yet i just can't seem to be able to do it when it comes up with the two one up the top. I have no idea what to do when that comes up, so could anyone help me?

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i just can't seem to be able to do it when it comes up with the two one up the top.

I dont really get what you mean by the "two one" so ill just tell you how to do the whole boss.




Ok, make sure its always held so the side of the remote is facing the screen (thats why it says use 'the boxer, just make sure you start off the way it shows on the diagram) but of course once the game gets going you can move the remote at any angle.

Now, just move the remote so the sword blocks the guy, sometimes you will need to have it all the way to the left or right if the guy is at the left or right. If he is in the middle then have the remote upright.

Now you have to do a few blocks like that.

It eventually gets to a point where you lock swords with the guy, and when that happens sort of tip inwards towards the screen, then when the guy has his head down and you have a clear shot slice inwards at his head (still making sure the side of the remote is facing the screen)

Before tackling the invent off stage, try the boss a couple of times in the temple of form so you can practice as much as you want.


Oh, and onewheeled999 go into the options menu and pick "sensor bar" to calibrate sensitivity etc.

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i guess Wii is really better than PS3 to share the fun with your friends

since it's super easy like you can play Wii Sports, just holding remote

stick! PS3 looks like really hard to get a hang for the beginners and

it's also kind of complex machine.


Wii ---- over 4 million consoles

PS3 ---- over 1.5 million consoles

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