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The Official Nintendo Wii Discussion Thread

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Woohoo, I finally beat Rayman! (had it since launch, but only played a couple "days" every week or so)


There was only 1 mini-game I left unbeaten. I think it was called Bunnies Don't Like Bats Part 2 (the one where the rabbid steals the pigs you collected).


Definitely a fun game though.

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I just picked up Red Steel and I guess Im one of the few who find the controls fairyly comfortable and easy, is very fun. If I had a few problems, it would be that overall it feels like Im playing farcry (not really a horrible thing, but I thought it would have a different feel to it and the actual Farcry game for Wii is suppose to be very dissapointing), and second in the origional video it looked as if the swords were controlled freely/directly (I know this has been said sometime before), but in the actual game its just "generic" swings if that makes sense, but its still alot of fun and Im having fun with the game so far.

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I wish I could find the classic controller somewhere! I have been looking for one all weekend. I find it funny that you can go to just about any store and buy a Ps3 but all the stores are sold out of Wii stuff. Also, I have finally bought Rayman and I'm going to play it later tonight.



When is Nintendo going to start releasing online games?

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Brawl will not be the first Wi-Fi enabled Wii game. It sounds like the Pokemon title (not sure of the title) will be the first Wi-Fi game.


It's funny, for the first month the Wii was out I could not find any classic controllers at all. I've now seen them three different places in the last week and a half. I like it, I'm just disappointed that I can't use it to play Metal Slug Anthology (which has a gamecube controller option, but not one for the classic.)

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I've been looking around for a classic controller as well and no luck yet. I could probably get one if i go there when the store opens but I can just wait until its more available. Online games aren't expected until around march or april this year


Come on over this way...We've got an over-abundance of Classic Controllers...I can't seem to find any Nunchuks though...Really getting annoying.


Anywho, for those who's did the wrist strap replacement, did you guys get a confirmation e-mail or some kind of notice? I haven't heard/recieved anything from Nintendo yet and I placed my order 2 weeks ago. I've even logged into the My Nintendo on the site and it says that I have no orders at all. Is something not going through to them when placing my order?

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Almost forgot to post about how New Years Eve went with the Wii...I took it down the street to a neighbor's house as some were kinda having a drinking party. So, I hooked it up to a nice expensive widescreen projection TV, give the other 3 players their Wiimotes, gave the usual breifing of using the wrist strap and how to bowl and on with the games...


TV survived the Wii after having some people intoxicated play it. It was almost funny as they still couldn't figure out how to roll the ball after the 5th frame through. Same with Monkey Ball darts (My favorite SMBBB party game)...they kept flinging them into the walls/making nosedives.


Glad to say though, everyone enjoyed it, including the TV as no harm was done...no flying Wiimotes, no broken straps. Just some dead batteries after the night/morning was over.

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