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Post your favorite your mom jokes!


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yo momma so fat that when she bleeds, she bleeds gravy!



yo momma so fat, that when she takes an asprin, she puts mayonaise on it!




yo momma so fat that she has to use a boomerang to put her belt on!




yo momma so fat, that when she sits on a rainbow, skittles come out.




yo momma so fat, that the last time she say 90210 was on the scales!!!




yo momma so fat, that when she goes outside in a yellow raincoat, people yell TAXI!





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Here is a couple (80-ish style dry humor). Ahh the good 'ole High School days.



1. Your mother (mama) is so dumb, it takes her 1 1/2 hours to watch 60 Minutes.


2. Your mama wears combat boots in the shower.

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Yo momma's so stupid she tried to wake up a sleeping bag! (I LOVE that one!)


You momma's so poor when I rang her doorbell, she stuck her head out the window and yelled "DING DONG!"


Your momma's like ketchup, anybody can dip their fry!


Your momma's so fat she wakes up in sections!


Your momma's so nasty, when she tried to take a bath, the water jumped out!

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one of my favolite


1 - yo momma gotta be chicken out on cookin' some chickens coz she hates to see real its bloody things.....oh no i hate to see them too.

2 - yo momma gotta get fat chance on bein' most beautiful fat woman since she's having fatty junk foods.....oh no i real don't want her to be so like that.

3 - yo momma don't wanna get craps so much that all the time she gets

lots of clapping on everything she loves to do.....i want her to be so 100%.

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Yo mama glasses are so thick she can see into the future.


Yo mama so short she broke her legs jumping out of bed.


Yo mama is so stupid she thought a stereotype was brand of radios.


Yo mama so stupid she thought Fantazy Land was a good amusement



Yo mama is so fat her catch phrase is matter over mind


Yo mama is so fat she clogged a black hole.

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