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Best American B&M Inverted coaster

Best American B&M Inverted coaster  

642 members have voted

  1. 1. Best American B&M Inverted coaster

    • Batman (any)
    • Top Gun (PGA)
    • Raptor
    • Montu
    • Alpengeist
    • Great Bear
    • Top Gun (Carowinds)
    • Talon
    • Dueling Dragons (Fire or Ice)
    • Silver Bullet
    • Patriot

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^ Love your avatar, btw


I'm a big Raptor fan, the others I've ridden (Batman, Great Bear) while intense don't last as long for me. I just hate the brake run transition! Bleh.

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Top Deck Flight Gun is still my favorite. I like Silver Bullet, too.

Batman: The Ride didn't do much for me, because I am just that abnormal. Or does it just lose points for being the most blatantly generic (but not necessarily worst) B&M in all of SFMM?

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For me...

1. Dueling Dragons Fire

2. Montu

3. Dueling Dragons Ice

4. Raptor

5. Batman the ride clones

6. Top Gun

7. Silver Bullet

8. Talon

9. Great Bear

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This poll is all wrong: NO AFTERBURN!?!?!?! It's right up there with Montu. I don't see Talon, Great Bear, or Batman the Ride being all too far from being the same experience. They are all powerful and fun.


This poll should be updated with the correct names.

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  • 6 months later...

I enjoy all B&M inverts, and it's getting hard for me to rank them. Do I like a certain ride better than others, or have I just gotten to know it better? Note that I don't hate Batmans; I've simply had mixed experiences with them. SFGAm's is my favorite because of the setting. I don't even necessarily look for intensity, just fun forces and inversions.


1. Flight Deck

2. Silver Bullet

3. Patriot

4. Batman: The Ride (SFGAm)

5. Batman: The Ride (SFStL)

6. Batman: The Ride (SFMM)


Flight Deck is still an honorable mention for my top 10 steel list.

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After riding a couple more this year, I'm going to say I'd rank them in the order below.


1. Afterburn (CW)

2. Alpengeist (BGW)

3. Raptor (CP)

4. Flight Deck (CGA)

5. Silver Bullet (KBF)

6. Batman The Ride (SFMM)


The first four are in my top twenty list, and the other two are on my "must ride when visiting the park" list. For whatever reason, I've never been that big of a fan of Batman, although maybe I'll change my mind after riding three more versions of it next year.

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Of the ones I've been on:


1) Alpengeist

2) Great Bear

3) Dueling Dragons

4) Raptor

5) Batman

6) Silver Bullet


I'm a huge fan of great theming and terrain hugging elements, both of which Alpengeist thrives in. I did, however vote for Great Bear only because I feel it doesn't have enough votes, and overall I think the ride is very enjoyable. It is very different from any other B&M Coaster I know of and breaks free from the traditional slew of elements. Great Bear feels more like an Arrow suspended coaster to me with its lake skimming jot, banking from side to side instead of the normal corkscrews. The quirky supports as the ride races above the water and the excellent chance to enjoy the view from the pre-drop win it to me. Great Bear feels very different than any other B&M inverted coaster I've been on.

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I love Inverts. This is a tough list for me. I like Talon the most, and I know there's tons of people who have said they don't "get" Talon, but I guess I'm one of the people that do, and for me, it blows the rest away. I've only been on it on three different days, but total about 35-40 times. Also, I LOVE Montu, but I find that sometimes the MCBR grabs the hell out of the train and ruins the ride. So, Montu sans MCBR would probably be my #2 invert...but I find that the MCBR grabs much more often than not. As for the Batman clones, Le Vampire at LaRonde was NUTS compared to Batman at Great Adventure. Maybe mirrors make you prettier. Oh, and lastly, Flight Deck at CGA is freaking amazing, but it's a shame that it's only about 30 seconds long.


1. Talon

2. Raptor

3. Montu

4. Chinese Fireball aka DD Fire

5. Flight Deck

6. Le Vampire

7. Hungarian Horntain aka DD Ice

8. Alpengeist

9. Batman The Ride (Gadv)

10. Great Bear

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I thought I had voted in this poll but I guess not. I have ridden:



Dueling Dragons


Afterburn/Top Gun (Carowinds)

Flight Deck (CGA)


Montu is my favorite with Afterburn being a close second.

My rankings are:




Dueling Dragons


Flight Deck

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My updated rankings.


1a.Dueling Dragons-Fire

1b.Dueling Dragons-Ice


4.Batman-The Ride (SF parks)

5.Flight Deck (CGA)





10.Great Bear



...Still need Silver Bullet, Great White, and Patriot credits.

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That I've ridden, I'd rank them as such:

1.Batman clones (I've been on four)

2.Flight Deck



5.Great Bear



8.Silver Bullet.


I ranked these purely on intensity and not necessarily the layout. This list is based on which coaster will give you the most out of the ride. If I were to rank the same coasters on layout (which I think is the notable thing to do, because some of these rides have fun layouts, but aren't intense)


1.Silver Bullet(Very unique)

2.Great Bear(also very unique)

3.Afterburn(Immelman and batwing=awesomeness)

4.Alpengheist(Littel rough on the cobra roll, but otherwise fine)

5.Talon(the twist after the loop is intense, but no-bueno trimmed)

6.Flight Deck(Fantastic pacing, but so much more could've been done;too short)

7.Batman Clones(this design may have but B&M on the map, but too short and two vertical loops?; too repeatative)

8.Raptor(Prime example that the concept of the Invert works best on a smaller scale; harder to keep the pacing when that large)



Mr. 2100th

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I've been on:


-Afterburn/Top Gun

-Batman (SFOG)

-Batman (SFGAm)

-Batman (SFOT)

-Great White (SWSA)

-Goliath (SFFT)


Out of all the Batman clones, SFGAm's and Great White stood out the most to me. I liked how SFGAm's had a different setting, over the water and such. Great White was crazy intense! The least impressive was Goliath. Was very tame...and kind of shaky. Raptor and Afterburn are both amazing; but haven't been on Afterburn since '05 or so. I need to get on a new B&M invert!!

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I've ridden Batman (SFGam, SFGAdv, SFOG, SFStl), Raptor, Montu, Dueling Dragons, Alpengeist, Talon, and Patriot.


All are fun, no doubt. The only one that I thought was clearly better than the rest was Batman (pick any one, they were all outstanding). The only other two on my list that I've ridden frequently are Montu and Raptor. I've had blissful rides on Montu and I've had "what happened?" rides as well, while Raptor seemed fairly consistent each time. Having only visited IOA, BGW, Dorney, and WOF once, I don't think I've ridden those inverts enough to get a good feel for them.











I'm pretty sure if I ever got out to CGA, their Top Gun would rank just below Batman.

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1 Dueling Dragons--Fire (or whatever it's called now)

2 Afterburn

3 Alpengeist

4 DD--Ice

5 Batman (SFoG--this one sticks out in my mind for some reason)

6 Montu (maybe I caught it on a bad day but Montu didn't do much for me)

7 Great Bear (this is more for the scenery and unique layout)

8 Talon

9 Batman (SFGAdv)

10 Great White

11 Batman (SFoT)

12 Goliath


Looking forward to possibly riding Raptor in 2011. I'm also kind of disappointed that I only have 4 unique layouts left for me in the States. Guess I need to get myself to Europe1

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