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Movieland Studios Discussion Thread

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^The one I rode was stinger at Dorney Park and unlike the majority I really enjoyed it. It was forceful as I already mentioned and surprisingly I didn't get one bit of headbanging.

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Kind of an unusual accident at this park...




(ANSA) - Verona, August 26 - Seven people were hurt, none seriously, when a train overturned in the Canevaworld theme park near Verona on Sunday. The accident happened in the Movieland area of the park.




Here is what the attraction is supposed to look like...

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According to the rumor mill, Movieland Studios might be building their own version of Disney's Mission: Space. If this is true, I feel like a trip to Italy is in order. I can't imagine how bonkers this thing will be if it's being made by the same people that gave us Magma 2.

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^ Movieland Studios is a park that shouldn't exist, yet it does thanks to the wonders of Italian regulations, or lack thereof. Add it to your shortlist of parks to visit, throw in Gardaland while you're in the neighborhood, have a hell of a fun trip.

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2 minutes ago, davidentrecarris said:

Oh, sorry hahahaha. I forgot the name of the ride editing the text. I was talking about U-571. 

Quite literally every seat on that ride is a guaranteed drowning simulator.  It's mental and I love it.

That being said, I was lucky enough to be sat directly beneath one of the valves where the water comes pouring in.  I basically took a five minute shower but the showerhead was a nonstop  bucket of water being dumped on me and those next to me.  I guess you can try to avoid those seats? There's really no point, though.

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