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Fall Out Boy: Emo Lyrics Interpreted

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Understanding their slurred lyrics. What they sound like they say!

I think these are so funny!


Sugar Were Going Down



Dance, Dance



Grand Theft Autumn



My freinds and I think these are so funny!

Do you, or am i just crazy?

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AHAHAHHA!! Those were great!!!

I even looked up the lyrics for the songs and on most of the lyrics they dont even look like what he is singing lol!!


But one thing I gota say!! You dont have to be an emo adolescent with jet black hair covering half your face and cry at every emo song to like emo music!

I am 32 and very much enjoy listening to emo!!


Mike"lividly hates stereotypes"Black

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That'd be cool if FOB was emo. First off emo isn't about whiny kids screaming, no. Emo actually came from Emocore first, which is more punk influenced than pop. With bands like Fugazi spawning from the old 80's hardcore scene looking for a softer and more melody drive type of music. Then other bands spawned from that, Drive Like Jehu, Jawbreaker, etc.

So no, Fall Out Boy aren't emo.


So I guess my problem is everyone who badmouthes emo and has never actually heard of any real emo bands.

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Oh lord. Who Cares?


If you like listening to the music, listen. If you don't like it, don't listen.


It's pretty simple.




I like Fall Out Boy. The first video was pretty funny. The other two were lame. You could tell he was really reaching to try to make it funny.

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