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anyone like crashing coasters in sandbox mode?

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Yes, I like crashing 'em...

I like the multi-elemental approach to crashes.

build a coaster that aims at a pathway.

Have a food court around the end of the pathway to cause coaster cars to riccochet around. also, build lakes aroung the path to drown peeps that don't get crunched into the food court.

last, but not least. Name the coaster something like

Grinder. why that name? Just a personal prefferance there... lol

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Atleast now my cousin can't say "Just play the game and leave those poor peeps alone" because I'll run 'em down with the Buggy using the James Hunt easter egg or I'll build a 3000 ft. + coaster, open it without testing and get a load of peeps on it. I don't always crash them though, only when I'm out of ideas and want to let out the destructive side of me. Honestly, I think it's funny when you build a Space Shot at it's minimum height and shoot it off at the max speed with peeps on it. It begins to rain peeps that were riding it. I also found it funny to place a peep on a raised plot of land, build a coaster thru that raised square, launch it off and watch the peep fly off as he screams "Yahoo!". It doesn't always work though. Lastly, I'll launch a coaster off, aiming for a target which is a crowded area to watch peeps run off after the crash.

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Yeah, I like to crash roller coasters too in RCT3. In fact I've always liked to crash rides in the RCT games. I'd call such rides designed to crash things like "Death Coaster", "This Coaster will kill you", "Goodbye", etc.


In RCT3, I like to build a Strata Coaster with a fishhook-shaped hill too small for the launch speed. Even if the hill is over 400 feet tall, it will still clear it on the strongest launch speed (which I believe is something like 123mph). Then, as soon as the ride hits vertical on the downward part of the fishhook, the cars break off, separate, and explode after a few bounces on the ground! It's a really great view from the Coaster Cam too


It's also funny to get guests on a ride designed to crash and view their thoughts as the ride is crashing. Unfortunately in RCT3 the guests do not die, like they did in previous RCT games whenever a ride crashed (I think it still decreases your Park Rating and deters guests from riding that ride though). But in Sandbox Mode, that really doesn't matter!

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My favorite things to crash are looping coasters, for some reason. Espescially on a near vertical spike.


"It's a bird!"


"It's a plane"


"No, it's fall-apart coaster!"




Also... It's funny when crashing coasters in RCT2. they fall apart so wildly.. Or crash into people at 120 miles an hour... XD

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Here's another tip for those who like crashing coasters. Build a Reverse Freefall Coaster that has no vertical track, just the curve piece that goes from horizontal to vertical. Then launch it at its max speed (220+ mph).


As you approach max speed the car will start to shake due to the sheer velocity. When you hit the curve, you'll be vertical in .1 seconds if not faster, and then it will look like you're going into space (complete with the shaking) before you start to flip over and over with the park WAY down below! The car will explode before you even start to come back down!

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