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Going to Disneyworld...

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Ok I am going in May, But what I need to know is. Is it actually WORTH it? I mean, I am all for thrills. I'm sure I'll like the Scenery. But does it really blow ppl away..?


Yes it is (but then I am a Disney addict)

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Disney has upped their thrill ride collection over the past couple of years. Tower of Terror, Rock n Roller coaster, Test Track, Mission Space, Kali River Rapids, Expedition Everest, along with the always great mountains, Big Thunder, Splash, and Space.


It may not be a thrill seeking destination, but I'm big into thrills and can always get my fill of thrill and fun in a trip to WDW, which is why I try to take a trip there once a year, at least!

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If you are going to Disney World for thrills, you probably won't enjoy yourself, period.

I would look more into IOA/Seaworld/Busch if you are totally orientated towards extremer rides.

Have you been to a Disney park before?


*loves Disney and wants to protect it from haterz*

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WDW is a must-see place. Especially if you have never been before, there's nothing else like it.


But like Maliboomer said, you won't appreciate it much if you're JUST looking for huge, fast rides. The beauty is in the theming and attention to detail.

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Personally, I disliked Disneyworld! It was way overcrowded! And not as impressive as Disneyland!


Anyhow, instead of Disneyworld, you should visit Universals Islands of Adventure! That Theme Park Kicks Ass!!!


I would have to say that it's the best theme park that I have ever visited!!!

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^Dude, you can't base your opinion of a park on how bad the crowds were on the day you visited! That's hardly a representative account to go by. Did you get there early? Did you use fastpass/single rider lines?


Also, which park are you comparing to Disneyland? I think Disneyland has a better atmosphere than Magic Kingdom, but are you saying that the DLR resort was more impressive to you than the 4 themeparks, resorts, golf courses, waterparks, and reliable transportation at WDW? Not trying to nag, just trying to get an idea.


As for the original question, you are the only one who can know if WDW is worth it to you. Is $200+ for admission plus flight costs, rental car, and hotel worth 3-5 days at some parks? For me it is and I go at least once a year, but it can be expensive...how much are you willing to budget?



(trying to protect WDW from hataz too!)

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^Hey "Jeezus Juice", I of course maximized my use of the Disney Fast-Pass, but Disneyworld still disappointed!


I did visit several Disney Parks, but they ALL failed in comparison to Universals Islands of Adventure!!!


You may be a loyal "Disney" fan, but you can't hope that Disneyworld or whatever, holds up to the new standard of IOA!!! It's on another level!!! IOA is the current standard which all others will be judged!


Everything else fails by comparison!


I hope that Disney accepts this, and hopes to upgrade their parks in the future!

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If your looking for die hard thrills, your not going to find it. IOA,BGT are more your choice. Me, I like WDW and IOA for what they are, IOA has nice coasters and some great rides. WDW has some great rides as well, while not as thrilling, still very entertaining with good storytelling. BTW IMO, DL is not quite as good as WDW. I prefer MGM's Tower of Terror way more the DCA's version and don't get me started on DL Pooh. While IOA is a lot of fun, their shows cannot top the defunct Alien Encounter!


"Why can't we just get along?"

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See.. thats the thing. My uncle asked me to go with him and my little cousins. So this trip is partially for THEM. I just thought i'd tag along since I've never been to disneyworld. Belive me, I DESPERATLEY wanted to go to IOA, but that isnt gunna happen. Soo..

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Thanks! Any suggestions like on crowds.. where to go.. what to do?


This website may have some helpful stats on wait times:



Also there is a series of books out-The Unofficial Guide To:"*" which have strategies and tips on how to tackle parks. I haven't been to Florida, but I do know from experience that their guide to Disneyland has some GREAT advice.

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