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Car crashes?


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...There I was for near 1 hour, before the fire works pulled my car out and found me injured in the destroyed car!...


Fireworks huh....you must have meant firemen


I myself have only been in two accidents, one major, and one minor, and a whole lot of near misses.


The major one happend before I was born while I was still inside the womb, my mother was in the back seat with her seatbelt on and my grandfather was driving his car. They came up to a four way intersection (which at the time, crossing traffic didn't have a stop sign). They stopped then it was clear to proceed, so they did, then out of now where, this teenager was speed along in his truck and hit my grandfathers car on my mom's side. My mom told the kid that if I wasn't alive, she would sue the ass out of him, so they took her to the hospital, did an ultra sound and I was alright. That of course was also the time they found out I was a boy because I flashed the doctor in the ultra sound.


The minor one was my fault, it was a simple slow mph fender bump, (not fast enough to cause the airbags deploy). I was driving down Day Hill Rd in Windsor, CT and at the end of the road at Route 75 near I-91, it's a steep hill that ends right at a stop light. well I was travelling down this road and going down the hill and I was slowing down, slowing down, until the last second I knew I wasn't going to stop because of the rain and the oil from trucks on the ground. So I skidded a bit into this lady's Mistubishi SUV. It was her bumper to my mom's grill contact, so I recieved 98% of the damage, her car only got a minor scuff. So she got out and she had this vern stern look on her face, didn't even ask me if I was alright, all she cared about was "i need to see your insurance card" and "yes, I am calling the police".


Minutes past, and my Dad arrives at the scene since he works down the road, and the police arrived, and we all moved into the commuter lot to get the accident report filled out, at the end of everything, I recieved the card with the accident number and I was good to go. Yeah, I didn't recieve a ticket or warning.


About a week pasts and we recieve a letter saying the lady has sued my insurance company for the neglegent driving of me, she was claiming personal injuries "whip lash" and 800 dollars in repair of her bumper.


too me that felt like a cheap shot to get free stuff from a kid (I was 18 at the time), the only thing I know is I think the insurance company settled, but I did have to do a tape testiomy to my insurance company over the phone. In the end, I hope that lady gets sued for a minor thing, because she deserves it.

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I found out that saturday morning at 3am one of my freinds was in a big accident right outside of my house. She was leaving my complex after visiting another freind when she was hit head on by a guy in a new Acura RSX doing about 90 kmh. I'm not sure on the details, but looking at my street I can pretty much guess how it happened.


From what I understand the guy isn't insured either. Luckilly she's ok though, just some bad bruising. I only found out yesterday from her brother.

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^ If I heard correctly, it's illeagal to be on a cell phone whil driving in Australia. Not sure though... But yeah, Ive never been in a major car accident, although my dad did rear end somebody in traffic reaching for some chex mix. Luckly there was no damage to either car...


Colin C

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^ If I heard correctly, it's illeagal to be on a cell phone whil driving in Australia. Not sure though... But yeah, Ive never been in a major car accident, although my dad did rear end somebody in traffic reaching for some chex mix. Luckly there was no damage to either car...


Colin C


Cell phone laws while on the road vary between states. I know in Connecticut, it's illegal to be on the phone while you're driving, but if you have a hands free set, you're able to use your cellphone

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Hands free only here in Jersey as well... But currently only as a "secondary offense", meaning they can't pull you over for it. But the rumor is that it is changing to a primary offense to fix that.


In addition, I recall seeing a TV show that proved that just talking on the phone in general distracts you enough, even on a handsfree kit, to be dangerous while driving.


That said I have a handful of accident stories:


1) I was sitting at a left turn lane waiting for an opening. The light turns yellow and the car that was approaching slows down. So I go for it. The other car changes his mind and decides to do the same. Needless to say I was at fault for that one.


2) Driving down a road in a light rain at a nearby mall. Suddenly the car in front of me (Explorer) is SLAMMING on their brakes. Bang Bang. It turns out that in front of the Explorer was a station wagon that was about to miss their turn into the mall. They slammed on their brakes and hte Explorer rammed into them, destroying their rear tailgate. I hydroplaned right under the rear bumper of the Explorer. We all get out, and say "Is everyone alright?" "Yes?" "Ok, have a good day, and we all leave. NO COPS! Sweet!


3) Driving down main route in freezing rain, following my wife. The light ahead turns yellow. The guy in front of her SLAMS on his brakes, so my wife does the same. Her Mitsubishi Galant's ABS kicks in and she stops. My old Ford Probe didn't believe in such luxuries as ABS, and skids right into the back of her car, deploying my airbag. (Scariest thing ever!) I immediately jump out and see if she's ok. She is, and I pull her car off the road, and then go back for mine. All the while everyone is Honking their brains out at us. I called the cops, and luckily the cop ruled it as no fault. However, he did ask my wife, "Is there anything we need to know?". She of course said no! Insurance was pretty good on us as well as it was two cars on the same policy.


My old car, post accident. :(

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i was just in a bad accident the first weekend in february. it was 430a heading home. all i remember was driving normally then spinning out of control toward the side of the freeway.


apparently there was a jeep in the right shoulder of the freeway. its a very dark portion of freeway (US 95 near Horizon Dr next to Black Mtn for those of you familiar with Las Vegas/Henderson). the jeep had gotten into an accident with a bus but didnt have the flashers on. i still dont know what exactly happened cause you blank out when something like that happens.


it was pretty intense. i was really messed up in the head for about a week after. my chest was sore from the seatbelt and i had a bruise. i also had that nasty stuff from the airbags in my throat for a while. i still i feel really wierd when its quiet..like i feel that something is gonna happen.


if anything good came from it, i didnt get cited...so thats one less thing to worry about. also i just got a new car over president's day weekend.


here are some pics...




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