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Which is worse - SLCs or Boomerangs?  

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  1. 1. Which is worse - SLCs or Boomerangs?

    • SLCs
    • Boomerangs
    • They're both equally bad!
    • What is it with you Vekoma-haters? I LOVE both of those clones!

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Both of them are made by Vekoma, and both are cloned.

Both equal credits, but at the price of bashing renowned.


Which of these two types of Vekomas do you dislike more?


Personally, I'd say SLCs are a little worse, particularly the ones named "Mind Eraser" in the northeast. Boomerangs are more common too, and that means more credits for me!

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Top Posters In This Topic

I have been on at least one boomerang that was not an exact clone- but every SLC I have ever been on has been so rough it was no fun. Darien Lake's Boomerang seems taller than most and has different cars on it.

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I grew up at Geauga Lake and our SLC and Boomerang aren't all that bad. I actually enjoy them both, for nostalgic reasons. I think one of the best sensations in the world is sitting in the back seat of a boomerang and going backwards through the loop. It's orgasmic.

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There's good and bad examples of both. All the Boomerangs I've been on haven't been that bad to be fair.


But El Condor and Odyssey are two very rough SLCs.

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I was on a boomerang a number of years ago, and it absolutely terrified me when it pulled me up backwards...I felt like I was gonna fall out.


Other than that, it was a sort of rough, and forgettable experience. Same thing with PCW's Top Gun.


RnRC is about the only good Veklona I've ever been on

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Wow I was expecting to be the only one who said I love em.

SLCs are defintely not smooth but IMO they are fun...I find very few coasters so rough that they take away from the fun.

I think Boomerangs are great rides for the price and amount of space they take...for the smaller parks. I love going backwards


Vekoma count:








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SLC's are the worst.

Serial Thriller: GL/SFWOA turned into the most painful ride i've ever experienced. Loved it the first year.


Mind Eraser: GL/SFWOA has always been bad, but it's a lot shorter and not as bad as SLC's.

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I like both of them!!!


However, I do like some of the clones better than other ones. One of my least favorite Boomerangs that I been on is Zoomerang at Visionland! The Boomerang at Wild Adventures is the best Boomerang that I have been on!


I haven't been on a good SLC yet!

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I don't mind them. They're both hurt but they dont hurt so bad that theres no fun! Boomerang over SLC? Not sure.

I'd rather ride Boomerang@SFMW over Kong but I'd rather ride Kong over Boomerang@KBF so I'm not sure!

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