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Strongest/Most forcefull Launch

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I'm just gonna compare all the launched coasters i've been on cause to me a launch is a launch no matter what system it uses.


Launch coaster i've been on:


Turbine- SFWW

R'N'R - DL Paris and Florida

Space Mountain- DL Paris

Superman the escape- SFMM

California Screamin- Disney California

Rita- Alton Towers

The Hulk- IOA


Now in my opinion i do like them all i really do except Rita. I hated it. it was too much too fast. I went on the hulk in the lashing rain and i'd prefer to do that again than ride Rita.

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10 g's. For about 10 milliseconds.


10 g's SUSTAINED can, and probably would, kill you.




Strongest g-forces survived by humans

Voluntarily: Colonel John Stapp in 1954 sustained 46.2 g in a rocket sled, while conducting research on the effects of human deceleration. See Martin Voshell (2004), 'High Acceleration and the Human Body'.


Sorry for going offtopic BTW.

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Launched I have ridden...


Montezuma's Revenge - flywheel

California Screamin' - LIM

Rock n' Roller Coaster - LSM

Speed: The Ride - LIM

Superman: The Escape - LSM


The most powerful out of those IMO remains to be Montezuma's Revenge. Classic brute force launch. I do have to say the second "boost" on Speed is one of my favorites as well.


Maybe its just me, but the LSM launched ones seem to "feel" less powerful on the take off.

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I've only been on one LIM launcher, so I'd have to say Speed: The Ride in Las Vegas...


The most powerful launch I've been on: Xcelerator at KBF... It never gets old for me with that intensity!

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Strongest LIM launch- Chiller SFGAdv

Strongest launch- Xcelerator KBF

Best launch- Storm Runner Hershey


Other then Dragster's 400 foot height, the ride really didn't do much for me over my last few visits to CP. The launch is fast, but very drawn out feeling by the time you get to the end of the track, and start up the tower. It just sorta looses it's intensity, where the other Rockets I've been on really kick you in the pants all the way down the launch track. I know that sounds sorta strange, but if you have been on most of the Intamin Rockets in the States, you should know what I'm saying I hope.


Back on track.....


Chiller was also a really great surprise for Kelly and I both. I loved the lap bars, and the roar the track makes adds to the intensity and intimidation factor. I've still never been on the Batman side of Chiller, but Robin was a lot of intense, comfortable fun for a LIM coaster.



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