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KIDS- do you have any (or want them)?

How many kids do you have or do you want kids?  

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  1. 1. How many kids do you have or do you want kids?

    • No kids for me ( I enjoy sanity & money)
    • 1 kid (and thats enough)
    • 2 kids (ringy dingy ding-a-ling dingside seats!)
    • 3-4 kids (I love Zoos!)
    • 5+ kids (HELP!! I can't keep it in my pants!!!)

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^Wow your getting off to an early start!


How did your parents take that news?!


When I was about 22 years old, for about six months I was without health insurance, so after experiencing a "Problem" I went to a local medical clinic to get checked out.


While I was in the examination room I noticed there were several smelling salts taped to the wall. When I asked the nurse why they were there, she said it was because they often get 13 or 14 year old girls in for pregnancy tests, and when they come back positive the girls often faint from shock!


By the way, your girlfriend doesn't perhaps live in a "Double-Wide" across the street at the local trailer park does she? (You mentioned the trailer park in another post) Because she may be looking to "Move on up" to your neighborhood.


I know, I know, your going to say it's true love and your getting married!


Obviously, radio personality "Dr Laura" does not broadcast in your town!

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I'm sure I've already got a few dozen running around after all the donations I've made to the sperm bank.




Though seriously I guess I might want to have 1-2 someday. Though I'm quite a few steps short of that goal. Not really planning on it anytime soon.


Though I'd prefer to have an even number of boys/girls after seeing what kind of hell my sister went through at the hands of my two brothers and I. (it started when I was born my sister locked herself in the closet and cried because she was sure she was getting a sister).

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"watch out ELB!


You are aware that you have a beautiful daughter.


No doubt, you have to keep those evil boys (Pursuing her) at bay!" (BelizeIt)


First off, it's "EBL."


Second, thank you for your kind words. Trust me---she's well taken care of.



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^^Hey EBL, (Spelled correctly this time) FlyingScooter stated that he has "Two" daughters, and that his beard has turned grey in the process of raising them! LMAO!


Have you also added some Grey Hairs to yourself because of your daughter???


I have to imagine that if I'm fortunate enough to have a couple of daughters, that my stress level will be a little higher as opposed to raising boys!

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We are on the kid free plan. Fur children....it's the wave of the future. I never wanted them and neither does my wife. We have nieces and nephews...I have two nephews that are married and have kids of their own.. i always tell people my kids are raised as i was a big part of their lives growing up. I like kids...then I like to be able to hand them back to their parents.




Want kids?....go spend a Saturday afternoon at Chuck-E-Cheese! that will cure you.



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I have 2 kids. 1 girl and 1 boy and I wouldn't go back for anything. There is nothing in the world like having two kids running for the door screaming "Daddy" when you get home from work to to erase everything bad from your mind.


There are definately times that are difficult with kids but the advatages outweigh the disadvanteges by a mile. Plus, now that our kids are finaly tall enough to ride most of the rides at all the parks we go to, it is much funner to visit them with kids than it was without.


Nothing like watching a kid (or adult for that matter) ride something like a rocket coaster or hyper for the first time.

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I am counting the days till my little one can ride (hoping for Taxi Jam this year)

Brings a smile to my face every time he sees a coaster he says "Coo Coo's"

dont know why he calls them that but it is cute.


THE cutest thing is when he is in his stroller under Drop Zone and it comes down and he backs away and "ducks" in his stroller, Cracks me up.




That is him watching Drop Zone going up

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Just a note, how your kids turn out is almost always the result of how you raise them. Mine is a teenager now, so she has a bit of an attitude at times---that's just a test. She'll get over it.


Most of the brats I see when I'm out and about have parents that cannot handle them. They're usually trying too hard to be the kid(s') "friend." Does not work.


Obviously, you can't possibly know how you are going to deal with children once you have them, but if you go into parenthood with the idea that you are the boss---and you are---you'll most likely be fine. Let the kids run the show, and, well, you can figure out the rest.


And if you choose the responsible parent route, never mind what some busybody says to you when you show a little tough love. It's none of their freaking business.



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Alot of my friends are currently pregnant or have kids, (seriously its like there's something in the water in phoenix). After working as a waitress and seeing some how some children behave (screaming, throwing food at other tables, in general misbehaving), I dont want to have kids for at least 7 or 8 years. At that point I'd probaly look to have one child and adopt a second.

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When it comes to having children, I imagine that as a parent you have to have a lot of Patience!


I was visiting my local "Target" today 3/11/06, and I overheard a "Mother" telling her, I would guess "2 year old", to "Shut Up!!!", "Or you'll get another whack across the head!!!" Dam!? What a worthless so called "Mother" she is...


Whereas, I didn't witness the first whack across the head, I don't in any way doubt that it happened!


Sadly, there are so many awful parents out there.


If I am fortunate enough to become a parent, I know that I will raise my children in a loving and compassionate environment. With extreme Patience!!!


Because, if you can't handle that, you really shouldn't become a parent in the first place!

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I have one daughter and that is enough for me plus I'm gay now so most likely can't have more kids..lol.. I love her to death and am a good parent. I have no clue how there are "dead-beat dads" those people make me sick and I can't even talk to someone like that.


She loves coasters THANK GOD!...At 4 she got on The Phoenix and The Twister at Knoebles


At hershey where she got on her first loop coaster "Super dopper lopper"

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I hope to adopt a boy and a girl when I get older and have a husband. I'd like to travel to a poor area somewhere, maybe somewhere in Vietnam, and see if we could find an adoption agency. May need to take a female friend with me to pose as a wife though, so they wouldn't get skeptical.

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