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Some new stuff for the Patriot

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It looks a lot better than the layout rendering suggested. The immelman-spiral combo is pretty cool like on Talon. Patriot probably won't be one of the better inverts, but I think it could surprise a lot of people. Don't know how I feel about the red seats with red restraints look though.

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They really did a great job with the paint job on this. I really love the racing stripe on the track. I hope we will see that more often. That drop looks like amasing from that angle too.


I don't like the trains too. I don't think they should have done the restraints red. If they did blue, I would think that there would be too much. Maybe white? That would get too dirty. Black? Un-American, but so is yellow. I just dont get it.

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No doubt, I can't wait for test runs to start soon. Talon has a 120 foot drop into a 98 foot loop. Patriot has a 123 foot drop into an "89" foot loop. You figure the rest. Plus the ride goes lower and lower to the Immelmen loop which is also very tight. Then the initial angle into the High banked spiral is severely steep. Almost an inclined loop.

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