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Park skylines

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Part of why I voted CP is because of how it appears. You cross that bridge with nothing but trees, then as soon as they seperate, you see this montoge of giant coasters peeking out over the waves. Theirs nothing that can beat the approach and the product put together.

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CP's great, of course, and like others have said, so is GL from across the lake. SFMM's parking lot near X provides a pleasing jumble of coaster goodness. But really, my favorite skyline views are inside IOA, from most any point around the lake. Not just coasters, but incredible architectural imagination, and even better at night.

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My favorite is Geauga Lake. That shot from the waterpark just totally kicks, (esp. at dusk). And I swear I take that same pic everytime I'm there, I probably have a dozen pics of that same perspective.


Also, CP does really look beautiful from the causeway. But I love CP from the marina boathouses next to the causeway at night.


And though it's not an entire park shot, seeing TTD from I-250 at night is very impressive. It's about 5 miles away (out by Kalahari), and those backround light really bring it to life at night.

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Cedar Point, nothing beats the skyline when you drive up that Causeway and see Millennium force, Top Thrill Dragster, Magnum, Raptor, Wicked Twister, and Mean Streak over shadowing the lake. Kings Island also has a very nice skyline.

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I think PowerParks (Finland) is the finest and most magnificent ever seen, of course, the Lisebergs Skyline is fantastic but I'm not able to go there so I can not say


(Here is a picture from the summer of this year, note also the new Neos Twister roller coaster (Fabbri Spinning Madness) and the River Kwai Bridge area)




Here is a picture of last year, the novelty of the device Dragon Tower (75m free fall) manufactured by Moser and similar to the Mach Tower. Replaced the Mega Drop



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Some of my personal faves:

SFDK - Great combo of colors and shapes

CP - The sheer enormity of it all is epic

BGW - Just lone Apollo with a possibility of Griffon

Hershey - Just a great combo of all the rides and colors


SFMM is one I really dislike because all the coasters seem to be in clashing colors, just ruining the effect, albeit X2 and Viper look awesome towering over the parking lot entrance.

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SFOT - Just an amazing site arriving from the highway. The park is so big, which makes the skyline seem huge.


CP - It's gotta be on there!


Elitch Gardens - Surprisingly, I was impressed by the skyline. It's surrounded by huge buildings in Downtown Denver which makes it even cooler.


Knotts - Although I've never been there, I've always loved the way the streets go around the park. It makes the park seem landlocked, so the skyline is just kind of "there".

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