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Guy T. Koepp

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It was a sad day at the Koepp household Wednesday morning when we awoke to find our beloved killer bunny Spike had died.


He will be remembered fondly by Guy, Alana, Jarett & January. We are certain that he is in a much better place now. All we can do is thank him for the years of joy that he brought to our family.


He will be missed.


Rest in peace Spike Killer B. Koepp.


We love you.




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Thanks everybody. Both Jarett and January want new bunnies.


Easter is right around the corner. We just need to make sure we don't get a boy and a girl or it will become a giant bunny breeding ground.


He will be burried tomorrow in our backyard.


Guy "It was a dark day at our usualy happy house." Koepp

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I don't know. Here's the weird part. We all were out playing with him the night before and he seemed great. So we don't know what went wrong.


I did however kill 2 Black Widows near his crate a couple of days ago. I just hope there wasn't a third.


I don't know. It was a shock to us all.


Thanks for all the good wishes. You all are the greatest.


Guy "Spike was an awesome bunny." Koepp

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Wow - and I just remember you posting pix of him a week or so ago, yes? In the pets thread...?


So sorry to hear about your family's loss, Guy. Especially when everybody has 'connected' with the pet, it's definitely tough. We've gone thru it several times over the years with the cats we've had to put down, or the ones who just got sick and we couldn't do anything to help.


Maybe you should put a bit of fave snack foods with him, on his journey to Bunny Theme Park Heaven?


Hope your family heals ok - picks up - and gets 2 guinea pigssssss!!!

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