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Autistic high schooler scores 20 points in 4 minutes


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Video Here


At a high school in the Northeast US, there is a kid with autism who helps the basketball team out in practice. For the last game of the season (his senior year), the coach decided to put him in for the last four minutes. He airballs his first shot, then goes completely insane, hitting a school record six 3-pointers, and scoring 20 points in 4 minutes. Guess the coach should have played him more during the season.

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Yeah I work with Children and Adults with Autism and Aspergers all the time. I swear I've had better conversations and interactions with them then most adults! Plus, they can kick my butt in most of our Special Olympic Sports!


Aspergers, Wow thats exactly what I have although not very severe I guess thats why at young age its mis-diagnosed as A.D.D most times.


Most people see me as a normal person I just tend to , be *cough* hyper at times.

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My son has autism and he is so amazing. Just less then 18 months ago he had only 20 words of speech. Now he is far above most kids his age.


But, yes, people that have autism are so damn smart it isn't even funny. They may not have the best social skills (that is what the disorder is). Some people in the spectrum are called sauvants. Some are very smart in Math, music, science...and many more things.


Most people have the impression that autism is very severe. Hell, I didn't even know about autism except for the movie Rain Man. That's what most people think.


But, I am way off topic, kudos to that kid that scored a ton of points. It makes me proud to see all of these kids succeed more and more each day.

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My girlfriends oldest son has Asbergers. His junior year in high school, he got fixated on Nazi germany. They ended up transfering him to a differant school due to death threats. I'm very glad he got over that fixation.

It was getting spooky. Everytime we went to a restaurant, he'd start making racial comments about everyone and going start chanting 'zeik heil!'

Now, he's fixated on college, and is doing pretty well.


I agree with you, Elissa. When he's not in 'the mode' his conversations are incredible and quite articulate.

He's also a Coaster fanatic, knowing way more about them then i ever will and a great artist.

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Wow! I'm not alone!


I have some form of Aspergers, but I'm not good at many sports. I have all the other symptons - obsessions (computers, coasters, etc), an engineering degree, and minimal social life beyond this forum.


Oh, and by the way, Kmart sucks! Shop at Target instead!

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^ Yeah, might of gotten the team into the final.


That kid is so awesome!

We had a kid with asburger last year, and people insulted him all the time, however, me and a few other people noticed that his footballing skills (By this i mean AFL) were amazing! He was better then the people in the state team, but not many people were prepared to recognize it,


Quite sad, really.

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Well, we autistic people focus on one thing at the cost of everything else. Which I always thought how the world works anyway. Bill Gates has been with Microsoft for 31 years, Warren Buffett took 40 years to be the richest investor, and Intamin and B&M did not get successful until a while. The problem, however is that we are so focused on something we forget the rest of the world exist and that's when problems arise.

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I think this kid is awesome. I saw him and the coach of the team on Cold Pizza last week. Besides, he has more points in that short amount of time than I did in my whole career. Well, I had 5 points in 6 minutes in my first varsity game and then I blew my knee out and never played again, but hey, he had more points in the same amount of time!

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