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Important qustion about Rock'n'roller coaster

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I would be very careful.


Depending on when, what train, what seat, you can get a very Vekoma ride on it. If she's at all careful do NOT put her on that ride. I would suggest that you ride first (in a non-wheel seat, towards the middle of the train) then come back around and tell her what you think. That way you can also prepare her for where to brace and whatnot.

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Rock N Roller Coaster can be a bit jerky, so I would be careful with it. While for the most part its pretty smooth, you can get a few rides that are a bit jerky. Like Sharktums said, I would be test it out first. We took Leanne's Mom on it last December (hooray for 60+ year old coaster riders), and she found it to be rather jerky (she has ridden both Kumba and Montu).

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I'd be very cautious about riding it. In fact, if I had neck problems and suffered from several concussions, I probably wouldn't want to attempt to ride anything that would jeopardize my health. If the warning signs outside the ride state: "Do not ride if you suffer from head or neck pain", there's probably a good reason for that, not just because they felt like saying it.


It'd be a lot less lonely riding the coaster by yourself than it would be going thru the rest of your life without your mom.

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I road it in 2002, and I have some back and neck issues myself. I road in the second car and front and found the ride to be very smooth indeed. A lot of fun indeed. They have foam braces she can wear for support, looks funny riding, but hey when in doubt play it safe, and still have fun!


She should also ask her Dr or Chiropractor, they may offer her suggestions and mine was the Foam neck support. Some Coasters are smooth and some real back Breakers, Like NY NY in Vegas, I road this with a neck brace and glad I did!!!!!!

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Well The launch may or may not hurt her because you really get thrown in the seat in the front train at the launch (But at 0-58mph in 2 secs its hardly surprising)but to me the corckscrew is the only rough part just warn your mum about that cause i remember when i went on it first, my neck dangled around it but just keep your head pushed back and you should be fine,but would 5 g's hurt a sensitive neck.But it is one of my favourate rides but i have arthritis and have never hurt anything on it so i dont no whether that may be usefull to know.

Well heres a picture of a clone of it just outdoors so you probarbly will be able to see.

I Hope i have been of help



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