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[RCT2] Attractiepark Hardermeer (1993)

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Many years ago a park called Naturepark Hardermeer opened.

Now that park has grown to one of the Netherlands biggest parks.

We live in 1985 and we're going to follow the expansions for the next 20 years.




This is the Entrance with a square behind it.


Another entrance for people who come there by bus.


This is a piece of the small Mainstreet.

The Enterprise and the Restaurant are facing towards eachother.


Next to the Resaturant there is a mine-village themed square, with a Mack Powered(Saw) and a flatride.



Next to the square there is a restaurant and a Ferris Wheel.


If you go left after the Entrance, you'll arrive in a nice Kiddy area, with 3 flatrides and a Restaurant.


If you go right after the Entrance, you'll reach the second coaster(Vekoma Corkscrew with Bayerncurve) after a walk.

The name is Corkscrew and in front of it there is a square with a huge bottle (Corkscrew! ).

There is also a shop where you can buy light alcoholic drinks.


If you go right on the Mine-village square, there is the thirth coaster, a Schwarzkopf Jet Star.


Further on there is a Watercycle-hire and a restaurant.


This is the park office.


Aerial view of the park:


Tomorrow I'll post 1986!

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Thanks for all those enthousiast replies!




We have because of all the large rides we opened the last few years twice as much guests as we had in 1980.

This is the reason that we have the money to open a new big ride again.

This year we opened our new Log Flume, Quest.

He's heavily themed in Medieval style, and already very popular.

On the screens you'll see that there also opened a Restaurant and a Toilet-building.




Overview of the whole area



Park map:


All replies are welcome, positive or negative.

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Nice.. not great but nice. But You know what, I can see lots of potential in your building style. Keep practicing, and you can become a great parkbuilder. But yea, try to make more landscaping in your park.


I don'y know what type of Landscape, it's just a wood in the Netherlands....

In the netherlands it's almost everywhere flat, as far as you can see. No hills or mountains.

So the landscape is realistic.

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This year we placed a watch-hill at the lake, where you can enjoy the view of the lake and the rides.


We also placed an small fairground for a few years.

If it is a succes we'll see if we can keep them.


Overview of the park:

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In 1988 there aren't too much big updates or expansions in Attractiepark Hardermeer.

The trains of the schwarzkopf Jet Star have been repainted in blue.



And on the hill there are placed binoculars.

For 1 gulden (the dutch currency in 1988) you can watch 2 minutes.


ALL replies are welcome, even if you think this park sucks enormously.

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After a year of rumors, this year a new hypercoaster opened, build by Arrow Dynamics.

Together with another coaster in the US it's a first of a kind.

The station is themed like a fishing village, that's why the name is ''Blue Whale''


To decorate the empty field ,there are trees planted near the pond with the watercycles.


Overview of the coaster's layout:



Near the big Helix there is build a new Restaurant.

On hot summerdays you can buy lemonade outside..


Replies are ALWAYS welocme!

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