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RCT2 Shut Down!

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Okay so looking at all of your cool RCT2 parks has made me want to dust of the disk and install it on my computer. Unfortunately the PC that I used to play the game on is no more (overrun by a virus no one could detect or remove) so I am starting from scratch. I am playing the game on the same PC that has RCT3 on it- over than moving slow in parks with some scenery I have not had any problems with RCT3. However RCT2 keeps giving me an "unknow error" and closing itself in the middle of game pkay- oddly it seems to happen the most in the 6 Flags Scenarios! Anyone know how to fix this?


And by the way, I hope to recreate some of my awsome parks from memory and post pics here in the near future!

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If you are referring to the "Unkown Error Trapper" message that we all know and love then its probably something with the graphics. Or for one reason or another a file or two did not install properly. I'd suggest of course trying to re-install the disk. (But I'm sure you've already done that a ton of times) If that fails, I'd just write to tech support. I've done it before, they usual respond fast and provide helpful information.


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I uninstalled and re-installed the game and it still happens


I have not downloaded anything as of yet into this game. And also it is no longer just happening on the 6 Flags Scenerios- its happening all the time. I have not even installed the 2 expansions yet, I wonder if that would help. I don't remember having this issue when I originally played the game.

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