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Poll: Favorite Inversion?

What is your favorite inversion?  

668 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favorite inversion?

    • Loop
    • Zero G Roll
    • Top Hat
    • Flatspin/Corkscrew
    • Cobra Roll
    • Batwing/Boomerang
    • Sea Serpent
    • Immelmann/Dive Loop
    • Raven Turn
    • Inline Twist
    • Other

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Zero G Roll on an Inverter is great, especially if the train travells through it very quickly, like on Nemesis!


Also the Zero G Roll on Shockwave is very fun, shame the whole ride isn't!


And sadly thats the only thing Britain has to its coaster records (world wide), it's the only stand-up coaster in the world to feature a Zero G Roll!

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For me, the very first thing I thought of was zero-G rolls, especially on B&Ms'.

But I also have to say strong inverted loops, such as the one on Raptor, there is just something about them that make them awesome. Zero-G rolls are the best for me though. However, maybe corkscrews too, like the ones on Batman: The Ride. Wow, looks like I have some thinking to do, ok, here it is:

1st- Zero-G's (B&M)

2nd- strong inverted vertical loops (Raptor)

3rd- corkscrews (B&M...INVERTS)


Do you think Im skitz now? WELL IM NOT! Well, I dont know, sometimes I do talk to myself....

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I voted for Batwings!

Most people like the weightlessness of Zero-G's, but I like the weightfullness feeling at the bottom of a Batwing.


I've never been on a Pretzel Loop, but I'm sure that will dethrone batwing. I'm hoping to find out this summer at SFGam.


Zero-G's are my second favorite, though.


1. Batwing

2. Zero-G

3. Immelman

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Mine are Vekoma Butterfly's. It's a shame there are only two coasters with them. why did they stop making them? I also like Schwarzkopf loops ALOT. Batman at SFOG didn't really do anyhing. My friends sat in each car and not once were we floating.

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ok...i am not too sure of what anything is called....lol. i wish i had pictures of what is what.


i think i know what the zero g roll is...but my fave inversion has to be supermans ultimate flight (i think both versions are the same that i know of..) ....the first one where you go into right side up and end up on your back....where they always seem to catch the lovely picture....is <-- one and the next one a pretzle loop together? looks like a pretzle!!!


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Mine is a toss-up between zero-g rolls and immelmans...I voted zero-g rolls only because I've been on more of them than immelmans.


Oh, and Lena...the inversion you indicate in the picture would indeed be a Pretzel Loop.

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