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Montezuma's Revenge

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OK, so I was looking for an explanation of Dysentery since my girlfriend asked me what it was... anyways, in the process I realized the term "Montezuma's Revenge" is essentially synonomous and now I feel violated - what a sick (yet totally awesome!) name for a coaster


So, what do the rest of y'all think of the meaning? (look it up if you don't know)

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Known that, since the coaster opened in Knotts.


Interesting that everybody accepted what it was called, in the right part of the park, the themeing, etc.


Montezooma's Revenge, indeed.


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When I first heard of Montezooma's Revenge two years ago, I laughed because I knew the meaning after my sister's trip to Mexico. Even though its a name that sounded like the "Master of Puns" EBL would make up for an old Shuttle Loop, I still have a little 'heh' every time I hear it.

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