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What is your biggest fear when Riding a coaster?

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I'll admit, I do get somewhat nervous when riding these things. I am always afraid my Harness is going to come undone, especially when I'm at the very end of the row sometimes. Or sometimes, I get REALLY nervous when I get stuck on a hill lift, I'm afraid it going to come crashing backwards. Silly me Anyone ever get scared about technical problems?

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My worst fear when ridding a coaster is not about the coaster itself, mainly the riders. I fear being barfed on.....Again..


And, well maybe, the "OTHR" or lapbar coming unlocked. But I usually only worry about that on ceartin coasters, like the Phantom's Revenge on the bunnyhops, near the end of the ride. I sometimes think that all the force i'm putting on the lap bar when flying out of my seat that the lap bar is gonna come unlocked.

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I have one simple fear on any coaster.

Any catostrophic failure while I am riding it.


Like on an inverted that travels over water.

Train derails and hits the water. You survive the crash into the water but, securely held in place by your OTSR you drown while sinking to the bottom of the lake.


Yes, this is the stuff that enters my mind!


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My biggest fear is being stopped at the trim/block brakes, midway through the ride or at the end!


Mainly because i was on space mountain at DLP and the train stopped at the brakes at the end (electrovelociter thingy) and the train was there for about 5 minutes and i could hear the other train getting closer and closer!!!

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"1st Drop is the worst part of a coaster if over 200ft, as your body has not adjusted to the speed or any "Airtime". "


That is the best part of every coaster.



Anyway, my biggest fear is probably derailing or something like the infamous KK incident happening while im on a rocket.

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i get scared on wooden roller coaster lyk GC @ SFOG

i feel lyk im guna fall off after da first drop on dat turn



TRANSLATION: I sometimes get scared on wooden roller coasters like The Georgia Cyclone at SFoG. I feel like I am going to fall out of the coaster after the first drop and turn!


EDIT: You need to learn to start paying attention in class. These are forums, not instant chat rooms.

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I guess my fear is when a train vallies. Like, some hyper coasters tend to go over hills slowly, almost to the point of a hault. I hate going backwards on a coaster that isn't designed to travel backwards to complete a course, because you know something bad is going to happen, one involving a wait for the ops to release the restraints, the walkback, and the coaster not operating for a while, at least until they do whatever to get it out.

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