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The Eagles Flight stations were Shangri-La (at the top of the mountain, the station still there but not used); El Dorado (where Freefall is); and Galaxy (where the Superman tower is).


Ninja didn't replace anything, but its station was the upper station for The Dragon, a slow transportation ride that took you from the big station behind Spin Out/Soda Shack up to the top.


What was the original name of the restaurant that is now the Laughing Dragon Pizza Co. and what type of restaurant was it?




A couple things that I can add to this... Sometime if you're in the Ninja Station look at the ground and you can see where the platform used to turn.


The upper station of Eagles Flights (near Ninja) is actually where we staged a Halloween show. A small bit of trivia, can you name the last date that Eagles Flight was dispatched? I can tell you that it is indeed recored on the control panel for the ride inside of the Shangri-La station.


Finally... I believe the restaurant was called Seasons (could be wrong) and it was a cheap steak house.

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"Bleep, Blop, Blip and the wizard." (jew)


No, the trolls were Bloop, Bleep, and Blop.




I thought Bleep was the chick, Bloop was the dude, Blip was the baby, and the King was the...King?


There's also another troll costume in what used to be the theater (now a break room/storage room) in Spllikin Corner (now Psyclone Bay).


Anyways...here's some of the other answers I think I know.


What used to be housed in the current PlayPass Processing Center?


I believe part of the Clown maze for Fright Fest was there. Also, wasn't that the Texas Instruments display place?


Which ride in the park uses the greatest amount of power?


Roaring Rapids.


What was the Sky Tower orignally built for?


A playboy club in Chicago.


Which company desinged Buccaneer?




Who desinged Sierra Twist?




What did yosemite sam's flight school used to be called?


Red Baron or Baron von Fudd depending how how far back you want to go.

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what was circus wheel originaly?


how fast do the cars at granny grand prix go?


nam the Eight separate themed areas with that have there own distinctive attractions?


name three past shows at sfmm?


name the coasters that were in the park in the year 1980?


what is the largest investment that sfmm has ever put in?

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Laughing Dragon was originally called the Four Winds Steakhouse.


I think a better question is how slow the Granny Grand Prix cars go.


In 1980, there was the Gold Rusher, Mountain Express, Revolution, and Colossus. Oh, and the Wile E. Coyote Coaster.


I've noticed the former turntable in the Ninja station. I think there are still a couple of remnants of the old Dragon track, aren't there? Or did SFMM rip the rest of it out when Ninja went in? I never think to look for it.



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^Dragon Track still runs about half way down the hill from the top, and a little bit of the way up the hill from the bottom station (which is still there as well). Basically whatever didn't have to be removed for Ninja's construction is still there.


In fact, one of the ways an operator can walk down to Jet Stream's drop is by going through the Ninja station and taking a "path" that is made up of the old track.


-Joey "Walked as much of the Dragon track as I could" Mandel

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what was circus wheel originally?

It was originally a Chance Trabant.



Now i have a few myself...haha!


- name the two former locations of the CURRENT circus wheel as well as its previous names


- name the previous TWO names of acme atom smasher and grinder gearworks


- what did Dive Devil replace?

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^ yes that is a partial answer to one of the questions...but which one?



While I'm waiting on answers for my last ones, I just thought of some more questions...got to put em down before I forget!


- Name the three different queue layouts that Flashback has had since its been at SFMM


- Who was the original corporate/product sponsor of Viper?


- What were the two names of the nightclub that used to sit in the area currently home to Gotham City Backlot?


- What was the name of the other ride removed to make space for Batman: The Ride's queue. (hint its not Z-Force).


- What was the original color combination for Freefall?

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name the previous TWO names of acme atom smasher and grinder gearworks?i have 3 for gearworks Electric Rainbow,Gordon Gearworks & Turbo.for atom smasher i have 2 Subway & himalaya


name the two former locations of the CURRENT circus wheel as well as its previous names? Baile de las Flores & the jolly roger

when it was the jolly roger it was were goliath's entrance is at

when it was the Baile de las Flores i think it was next to viper



what did Dive Devil replace?it was a theater for shows


what was circus wheel originally?

It was originally a Chance Trabant

no it was the jolly roger and Baile de las Flores

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^good job..I forgot that Grinder Gearworks was once Gordon Gearworks!


The original Circus Wheel was indeed a Chance Trabant. It was removed during the early stages of Goliath construction and the Jolly Roger (Tilt a Whirl) was moved into that space...it just so happened to keep the name as Circus Wheel.


If you get a chance to watch the opening sequence of Step by Step they show Patrick Duffy in front of the former Circus Wheel and Susan Sommers in front of what was then called Turbo. It also shows that big tent like structure they used to have in the middle of Colossus County Fair.

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Dude, I loved the Enterprise, removed for a queue. Why didn't they just move it, Z-Force too.


Goes to show you how long they have been losing more then gaining.


MM used to be a family park and was so much easier to get around.


Can anyone name all the different transportation rides there used be to at MM.

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