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Which coaster will derail next?

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I always get this horrible feeling EVERY time I go on Space Mountain in WDW - "This is it, this coaster is COMING OFF THE TRACKS!!!"... and of course it never does, but after what happened with Big Thunder...


What do you think/feel is the most unsafe/dangerous ride currently in operation, and why? :shock:

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Right now, probably one of my recent NL tracks I was tinkering with and some of my RCT tracks, otherwise, I'm not quite sure. Some of these old coasters *cough*Giant Dipper*cough* are actually well maintained right down to fresh paint. By the looks of TPR's Manhurttin' Express, that thing looks like it would derail due to jerkyness.

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"This is it, this coaster is COMING OFF THE TRACKS!!!"


Actually, with that coaster I'm like, my head is going to get lopped off anytime now.


If Cali's SM is getting a new track layout -- WDW's can't be too far behind. After all, WDW came first.


Personally, those fair coaster rides (like Orange Country fair) I feel are kinda crazy.

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DL's Space Mountain is NOT getting a new layout last I heard, it was just getting brand new track. And just because DL's Space Mountain was re-tracked does NOT mean that WDW's will be getting the same treatment as they are two VERY different ride systems.


Big picture? In light of how coasters over a long period of time do need to be re-tracked (sometimes in a shorter period of time). It is very likely that WDW will be retracked...its just a matter of when.


Seen the plans of DL's Space -- it is different, but not drastic.

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From pictures that I've seen, the Williams Grove Cyclone looks like it's on it's way out the door.


Brian, needs to go to PA soon!


LOL!! Was just about to say that. This coaster is hands down the scariest coaster I've ever been on. I feared for my life several times!!


I think the scariest part of the day is when we went to the ticket booth.. clearly labeled "TICKETS" and the rather unpleasant guy working started screaming "YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE MUSHROOM TO GET YOUR GO@$#MN TICKETS".. so we went to the random mushroom to get our ticket.. we only rode once Not sure if it was because we were scared of the coaster or scared of being chopped up with a hatchet and the pieces of our body thrown into the woods somewhere.



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I would have to say the Tennessee Tornadoe at Dollywood because of it's past accidents. When I rode it in the summer, they wouldn;t let people sit in some sections of the train and one of the trains was disasembled in the back of the ride.


Tennessee Tornadoe is still cool!

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