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WBMW Germany goes and Movie Park Germany comes!

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Warner Bros. Movie World Germany goes and Movie Park Germany comes !!!

At the 19th March opens the new Movie Park Germany. I am so curious how the new park will be? They have built some new attractions like SpongeBob Squarepants 4D cinema, Ice Age Adventure, Time Riders and the old attractions renamed and repainted.

I will visit the new park the first time with Robb and Elissa. igsmile:


Homepage: www.moviepark.de




The old "awful" entrance area.


The new entrance area.

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Well, the park was empty


empty with the people..but, too with the thema!


The main street was renovated, this is beautiful!!!!

Subway and swirl still there

Mystery River(Never ending story) is empty..there is a few thema..but, the queue line was renovated, she's great now

Ice Age Adventure..this is the same, but i suppose this is not finish!


Movie park Germany is good, but i prefer the Warner bros. time

But the park isn't finish..we need to wait this summer for the "Real" Movie park


Photos soon

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Were all of the coasters and drop tower running?

Yes, but not all the day, and not at the same time!

The High Fall(or wild bunch) was broken down at two 'o' clock...

The FX(Eraser) and Bandit(Wild Wild West) was closed from 10 to 12 o clock..

The cop car chase(Lethal weapon pursuit) was open all the day

And the power surge (riddler revenge) was broken down in the afternoon!

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Sounds like they're still needing to get rid of the "six flags" curse!


I think it is hard to arranged a new park, in that so short time. I really liked what I have seen at the moment. They carried good work out and I think to the summer it looked much better.



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Here are some pictures from the "Grand Opening Movie Park Germany" event, this morning:


This picture were taken by a helicopter flight ( the whole park).


This picture were taken by a helicopter flight (main gate).


The Movie Park opening parade.


Wow, it is Marilyn...




One of the new Movie Park characters.


The main gate at a beautiful "grand opening" morning.

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