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Theme Park Review's Spring Party!

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Hey, we don't bite!


Seriously, there are quite a few people coming 'alone'. We have some games to help everyone break the ice and get talking, it will be fun!


When everyone is at the party, we should go around and quickly introduce ourselfs or something. Like tell your real name, your TPR name, where ya from, and if you enjoy long walks on a beach with a donkey. I know I do.

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Count me in, I'll do everything in my power to be there. Hopefully the 3rd year will be the one that breaks the WCB curse for me. Something always seems to come up that keeps me from the event. Plus it'd be really cool to see Chris and Natalee again. Haven't seen them since the East Coast Trek 2 years ago. And like the past couple parties figure I'll be plus 1, even though I have no idea who its gonna be this time haha. It won't be Allison or Juliza though

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Curse you curse you all to HELL! ok im only kidding but i really wish i could go but its not like my parents would let me pop on over to cali for a party with people who they don't even know (also they dont even like this site cause they think it's offensive!) well i think it's f****ing hilarious well keep up the good work guys and have great fun at the party!

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Question for everyone!!!


Those of you who have come in the past know we always have some sort of theme...here's some that I'm considering for this party, what does everyone think would be cool?


- Around the World (theme of the new dvd)

- Carnival

- Elissa's Birthday!


- St. Patricks Day

- Oriental (to celebrate Tatsu)

- Just have a normal party.


What does everyone think? Just FYI, I'm planning a TPR Casino night for one of the next parties so that's why it's not on the list this time! Also I think that 'Carnival' might be fun for another time and really go all out.


BTW, we are up to 41 people!

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Elissa's birthday sounds fun to me. My wife Sandi's birthday is just a week before the party also.


BTW, not trying to sound pushy but I was just wondering when we were going to get the details about how to get to your place. The only reason I ask is because we are leaving a week before WCB on the 3rd so unless I can find an internet caffe or something I won't be able to check my emails or this site for info.

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If it's your birthday. Then Birthday. However I like the Idea of Tatsu Oriental. We could dress Joey up as a miniature Ninja, and have him running around Karate Choping everyone.


How about an Oriental Birthday theme. We could hire a bunch of midgets to bring Elissa out on a Pagoda. Or have ten midgets pulling her around in a rickshaw. As everyone is lead in a rousing chorus of "Mr Roboto" by Joey dressed as a Ninja. Robb could be a Sumo wrestler.


Guy "That would be awesome." Koepp

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