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Denver Theme Park, Water Park, and Random Stuff Update!

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Hey everyone!


Do you all remember the original "Where in the world are Robb & Elissa" thread from late last year?


Well, we finally have gotten around to posting the FULL photo update for everyone to see.


We've been getting caught up on post photos so expect to see quite a few more new updates in the coming weeks.


Check out the photos here:







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Great TR, Robb.


But - I did sort of wonder WTF when I gazed quickly at the lower part of this photo? Just a quick glance, hmm?


Threw me off, as to WTF was going on with a second different coaster car there? Like a ball cage you sat in.....?


Then - I looked around more in the pic - and THEN went ohhhhhhhhhhh.


Good trick tho, when you glance at it, hmm?


Sure looked like 'they' were riding the rail down there in the pic, hmm? Yes?

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^ Yes. In fact on Google satellite images, I found the site of the old park:




This looks lilke it was a few years old because you can clearly see the carousel building, but now there are condo's all around it.


The other intersting thing is if you zoom out, you can see Lakeside Park just a few blocks North West of where Elitch's used to be.


It's so odd there were two parks so similar to each other not even a mile away.



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It's good to see a little preview of what I'll have to visit when I spend the summer in Denver. Elitch Gardens looks like a fun place for a visit or two. Or a hundred because I have a season pass.


Cyclone at Lakeside looks great. Everything is so retro. The station is art deco, there's a hand brake (right?), the trains are awesome and so on. How exciting.


That water park looks cool, too. I didn't know about that one.



Thank you! I am a tower enthusiast! (Seriously, got any pictures of Denver's skyline?)

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It's a shame to see some of the original Elitch Gardens buildings loooking worse for wear. Surely those boarded up buildings are gonna bring down the price of those condos!


There's a great Alpine slide in North Wales at Llandudno Ski Centre which looks a lot like the the one at Winter Park as well.


Glad you had a great time!

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Great pics, and captions. Looks like you guys had fun on your little private getaway, you need to do some secret international trips so the likes of myself and Soren actually have a chance of guessing where you are!


Oh, and:


"What do you think that weird chick and the fatman are doing?"

"I dunno, but the fatman has a fork and a knife and the chick has a net."

"I think it's best if we get the hell outta here!"

"Good idea!!!!"



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Thanks for sharing the pictures (particularly of the ever-so-art-deco Lakeside Park--Cyclone's station is cool).


But I'm shocked that you didn't visit the Court Consulting Services office of the National Center for State Courts (my employer). As a penalty, I've signed you up as a "Friend of the Court" ($1,000 level); you will be receiving an invoice shortly.


We thank you for your support as we continue to provide "leadership and service to the state courts."


Come to think of it, I've never been to our Denver office, either.


Never mind.

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^ I 'sense' that "somebody's" starting to feel special inside about a specific.... um..... day coming up?




Indeed--the birthdays of Sonny Bono and Levar Burton are worthy of a national observance.

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Aw, when you guys were at Celestial Seasonings, you were like, two minutes from my house. Scary! I do have some prarie dog horror stories, though.


Come back in the winter to ski, it's a rush!

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