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My aunt passed away a few months ago and going through her things I found awesome park memorabilia. She was the one that first took me and my brother to theme parks in the first place


the treasures are..


1) one complete ticket book that had 2 Es!! still in it. i like that one the most because on the back of the book there are rides checked off that she wanted to do that day.


2)a Walt Disneys Magic Kingdom Club membership. which allowed you to get ticket books and not have to pay for them every day. expiration date Oct.1978 (available sept through may "magic key books- all E tickets). The cool thing about that is any member of your family can use it and you get ticket books for your whole family when you use it. which is very odd compared to now..


3) one Disneys 30th birthday ticket stating you are the 251,068,635th guest that actually states on the back FREE PARKING


4) another ticket book partial because there are no C tickets for some reason? they liked the cheesy rides I guess


5)a Knotts Berry Farms adventures club card which gives you there knock off Disney wanna-be ticket book. It also can be used by any member of your family



all of these things are very special to me because you hear your parents say oh when i was little we had ticket books and blah blah blah but now i actually have 2 of them . they are very cool


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4) another ticket book partial because there are no C tickets for some reason? they liked the cheesy rides I guess


Adventure Thru Inner Space was a C-ticket. I think it was made a C because it had been a sponsored, free attraction for about 10 years, while Monsanto was sponsoring it. If they had made a formerly free attraction an E-ticket (like it deserved, lol) it would have seemed too much, so the C was the compromise.


But anyway, show some respect! That was Disneyland's greatest ride ever! Not cheesy at all...

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I have several odds and ends ticket stubs, momentos, etc.. so here are a few notables:


DL 50th anniversary ticket stub.


WDW 20th anniversary photo album that came with a fruit and candy basket when we stayed at the Contemporary Resort in the wing that was demolished this January.


1 of 3 Dolly Parton autographs from a college friend who worked at Dollywood in the 90's. Also pictured, a yellow photo keychain from Kings Island in 1985, a purple photo keychain from Six Flags over Georgia in '91 or '92, and a WDW 15th anniversary coin/

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^^ Great and nicely varied collection you have there.


I especially like the shot glasses, heh heh. I have a couple of shooter glasses myself (one for 'Air' at Alton Towers; other of DisneyParis) that I use regularly; coffee mugs and drinking glasses, too.


I didn't think any other parks but the American Disney parks did 'currency' in them. What's the (is that a) Dora The Explorer dollar from?


I got two flattened pennies at Tokyo Disney - one for Scary Teddy at HM/NBC (my little hero) and the Disney Resort Line (shows the mouse ears hand strap on the monorails).


And managed to keep a few un-used Fastpasses from the Tokyo parks I didn't think I wouldn't use. Also a few from the Universal FastBooks that I just couldn't use up in time, before leaving the park.


Fun stuff to keep and look at, from time to time. And hey - some of it you can even use in daily life, LOL!


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Here are a few items around the house.


My Donkey hat. Though it really is not too rare.


My nerdy Disney pin collection.


My Piece of Disney History Pin Collection. I am still missing the last two from the second collection.




The original version of Figment. I got him sometime early 1983.

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Just some of the random things I've got around:


I've got a Windjammer T-Shirt. I recall that somebody on RRC sent it to me after I made it known I wanted one, but I've got no clue who...


I've got a landmarker from the early construction of X. I've also got a full set of blue prints from X. I've then just got some various stuff that was given out on different media events, including my always stylish Deja Vu baseball hat.

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^ Great and nicely varied collection you have there.


I didn't think any other parks but the American Disney parks did 'currency' in them. What's the (is that a) Dora The Explorer dollar from?



Thanks! , I also have a bunch of ticket stubs/parking passes from MGM, DisneyWORLD, Universal, IOA, Seaworld but they are in the two photo albums, plus I have a ton of flattened pennies in the book, (including a back to the future smushed penny!)


-The Dora Dollar is from Kings Island.


Oh I forgot that I have these two shirts (MY ONLY, two theme park related shirts lol)

1- GOT WOOD? from beech bend

2-A cedar point shirt with all the coasters listed on the back!

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Now that I have got some "order" to all of my TPR Japan Tour stuff - i.e. photos, souvenirs, maps, literature...and stuff - I thought I would post a couple more sets of the recently bought things on the tour.


First up, my pins.


The photo shows the lot, on top of the Tokyo Disneyland Halloween 2007 pin bag also purchased.


The three on the bag's edge are: Tower of Terror w/slider elevator car; a big round TDL Halloween button; and two NBC/HM pins on a card, right one with My Hero, Scary Teddy, heh heh.


Three in front are: Tokyo Disney Sea 6th Anny pin; a Dale pin I got as a "non-winning prize" (there was a choice of several available) in one of the games of chance they had in the Arabian Coast of TDS...


...and a treasured Sherriff's Star pin that was only won by shooting ten-out-of-ten shots in the Westernland Shooting Gallery at TDL. I couldn't do it, even if I was two feet away from the (&%^#$@ targets - but my touring buddy Peter/Loefet offered to win me one (awww) and - he did! Thanks again, Peter. Much appreciated for this special souvenir you got for me.



This was enough pins I thought, at the time. But there's always next visit, hmm? Grin.

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I've got some interesting ones:


I have a commerative cup from when Flashback was the brand new (well to SFMM) marquee ride at Magic Mountain in 1992, my first ever time in the USA.


I have one of those massive long Top Thrill Dragster "cups" from when Dragster opened in 2003, I wonder how many stoners are using them as hash pipes now.

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^ Are those the "cups" that actually look like they'd take one of those infamous "Yards of Beer" in them? We have had them too, at our park. But I know absolutely nothing about "stoners useage" with them, *cough*exhale*cough*cough...



Thought I'd put up some more of the Japan 2007 Tour stuff I bought and brought back with me.


This close-up pic shows the "collector holders" I got, when I bought something to drink/eat. In a small bunch there, is the transluscent MM holder (for my massive ice cream dessert - mostly all grape!); the small yellow ceramic (NOT plastic, note) Hunny Pot for my lemon-honey sherbet (which itself had an 'insert cup' for it, and that's beside the cup with a little souvenir bear in it)...


The clam shell holder that held my Sea Salt Ice Cream (I kid you not - and not bad either!) from Mermaid Lagoon in TDS w/lid in front of it; a big "Holographic" drink cup (top of pic) from Chef Genie in the Arabian Coast at TDS; the fold-down tray/box (at left corner) my foot-long deli sandwich came in, at New York Deli in the American Waterfront at TDS...


Couple of pressed pennies there (Scary Teddy at HM/NBC and Tokyo Disney Resort Line); ONLY 115 Yen in coin left in my pocket when I returned home (!); and a couple of the VooDoo Dolls I couldn't resist buying, including one from one of the first um.... Rastifarian Gift Shops we saw at a few of the more remote parks on tour?


Yeh mon. Trippin'.


Stuff within stuff - to collect! Really unique things to bring back home, especially from Tokyo Disney.

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Couldn't resist showing this.


Mike/miniviews took a pic of me with my


Sea Salt Ice Cream


and the nifty collector holder I got as well,


in Mermaid Lagoon at TDS.



See, it really IS Sea Salt-flavored! (Uh huh.... Actually more like regular old vanilla. But I got the holder, yay) Oh, and my new neato Nautilus/Nemo cap on, too!

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My daughter and I have been collecting the smashed pennies at every single amusement/theme park we've been to since she was a year-and-a-half old. We just started our fifth book a few weeks ago.


We also are gaining quite a collection of refrigerator magnets from parks and coasters.


And I tend to grab an extra park map at parks we go to whenever I remember anyway. But the pennies are our main thing. We have a lot of time and spare change wrapped up in that hobby.

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^ Do you put them into a display book, or just keep them gathered together, and sometimes take them out, spread them out - and look at them?


And remember when and where you got them?


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Yeah, we put them in the penny collecting books you buy at the parks. We don't have the dates of when we got each one, but we do have them in order by park.


A couple of our favorites are the Six Flags & Universal books that come with a signature penny already embedded in the front cover. And we also really like our three smashed quarters, (2 from the Newport Aquarium, and 1 of Son Of Beast), because their pretty rare.

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I collected park maps (the big souvenir ones they used to sell) and have quite a few rare ones, including opening year for EPCOT. I also have Cedar Point from 1977-present.


Below are a few of my favorites.


And the holy grail: my collection of name tags from 1986-present. Includes some cruise ships too!


A Drachen Fire keychain


The Wild Izzy pins from BGW 1996


The complete set of souvenir pins from Busch Gardens VA 1996 celebrating the Olympics.


Another Ebay find


And the back side of the booklet


A Cedar Point ticket booklet. OK, I actually got this on Ebay, but it is still pretty cool!

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