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Forgotten Wonders

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The 3rd Dimension Amusement Corporation is starting construction on their newest park: Forgotten Wonders. The park is nestled in the topical forests of Mexico. This is the first park 3DAC has built outside of the United States. The park has an adventure theme and is sure to bring in crowds from all over the world. Currently, the park has only built two rides; Boeing- a spinning plane ride, and Cocozca- an adventure themed family coaster. 3DAC C.E.O. Mark Bertelsmann says that the park will be the “largest investment in 3DAC history.” Forgotten Wonders park manager Philippe Sanchez that he is “eager” to get the park finished so that it can open. The park will be mostly English but will have some ancient Mayan and Aztec touches. More news on this wonderful park later, but first, here are some pictures of the park in progress:


Boeing's billboard. You can see the planes whizzing by in the background, and if you look closely, you can see the red water squirting from one of the planes.


An onride view of Cocozca's station.


Teotalco's palace is the first thing you see when you walk in the park.


The 3DAC logo.

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As the park grows and more coasters and flat rides are added, tension builds for opening day. Currently, food courts, bathrooms, and other scenery items are being added. However, there is one thing that 3DAC, and park manager Philippe, would like to keep a secret. That is, can you really keep a ride of this sort a secret? Stay tuned for more as this park expands to opening day.

(I told myself I wouldn’t use any scenery packs, however, I did, so if you would like to download some you can go here: http://www.rct-theme-world.de/rct3-scenery-new.html

I’m pretty sure I am only using the Dark Ride Set in this park. Enjoy the teaser video!)


More scenery around the park.


Uh Oh! What could possibly be in this building? Download the teaser to get a QUICK look!

RCT3plus 2006-02-12 16-55-23-50.rar

Teaser video of the "secret" ride. (I used fraps to record this, it should work in Windows Media Player) *VERY SHORT*

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Thanx for the input Coasterpeep! I am really busy at school right now (lots of homework and projects) but i should get an update up soon. I dont think I am going to reveal that new ride yet though.....

(Did anyone ever notice that RCT2 parks get more input from people than RCT3 parks? I hate that!)


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Since the last update, not too much has happened. More scenery and landscaping has ocurred, an adventure style food court has been added, and a mysterious raft ride was put in. Also, shade has been added to many quene(is that what they are called) lines. Crews are working hard to get the park open by the deadline, or else the park may lose money. Expect another update within a week. AND, 3DAC is still not releasing any specifics or pictures on the 'secret' roller coaster. All that has been released is the teaser, and the name: Teotalca.


**Please note that more construction has gone on since some of these pictures were taken**



An overview of the left side of the park, it is only the left side because Teotalca is on the right. However, look closely and you will see parts of Teotalca's track to the right of the scenario control buttons.


The misty Paradise Falls in the daytime.


The beautiful Paradise Falls at night.


Boeing and parts of Teotalca's Palace (and if you look close, Teotalca too!).


Here is the view you will get from the top of Teotalca (you will be going/facing the other directon however).


Here you can see the food court, and the long narrow building containing Teotalca (in the VERY back left corner).

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Ok well since you want feedback... Things look pretty good but you have some harsh edges in places and that is simple to fix just use a few of the terrain tools and harsh edges begone. Also it kinda seems like the coaster is underthemed compared to other things. Also just change the name on the airplane thing... Boeing could sponsor something but it isn't a name...

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Thanks for the feedback, this is the first park I have really tried hard to theme everything. I am usually not one to add too much scenery. The harsh edges on the waterfall I cant really do anything with or else it deletes the waterfall, but I will try. Boeing's name can be changed, I just thought it had a cool logo/billboard. Oh, and how can I theme Cocozca more? The entire station is heavily themed and you cant theme the track...? Once again THANK YOU! for the feedback. I really want this park to turn out awesome.


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As opening day comes closer, park manager Philippe has finally released pictures of Teotalca, it is described as a one-inversion intamin rocket coaster. Not only Teotalca though, A new wooden coaster from the Gravity Group has emerged from the back of the park. Camargo is an air-time filled twister that never lets up. Philippe says "more wil be released on Teotalca and Camargo later."


Forgotten Wonders Theme Park as seen from far away.


Teotalca's trick track.


Teotalca, it speaks for itself.


An amazing night picture of Teotalca.


You can see the blue glow of the waterfall as well as Air Strike (formally Boeing) light up the night sky.


Teotalca's Palace and Camargo.

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