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WDW Disney's Hollywood Studios Discussion Thread

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Pretty big accident on Lights Motor Action on July 1st, apparently. Got this from Screamscape -


According to photo reports on Twitter and Instagram, there was a bit of a wreck during a performance of Lights, Motors, Action at the Studios on Tuesday afternoon. According to this one picture post, all the drivers are fine, but the incident was scary to watch.

In fact, a video of the actual accident has been posted to Instagram here… you can see how the hero car (red) takes that final jump out of the building at too high of a speed, catches way too much air and slams the back of the car into the overhead crossbeam at the bottom of the landing ramp.


Photo -


Video -


Luckily nobody was hurt. Still, I wouldn't expect the show to be operating for the forseeable future.

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^ Oh how I wish it was that easy. But knowing OSHA they'll make them reprofile the cars to be better aerodynamically while also disallowing the jump and instead have the cars exit the building via a 20 degree ramp at 10mph while a single bottle rocket launches from the roof.

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In my often jaded world of being a theme park blogger, it's rare to get to go to an event that you aren't there just to blog about, but are there because you are super excited to be at, and would be going to regardless of writing about. This was me today at Disney's Hollywood Studios for the kick off of their "Frozen Summer Fun" event.


I admit that as a 40-something year old man, I probably like Frozen more than I should, but hey, it's a FANTASTIC movie, I'm a fan of musicals, and I grew up working for Disney and was involved with several Disney animated projects, so in a way, it's kind of in my blood.


When I first heard about the event I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. My expectations were that I was going to love it, because I love anything Frozen, but I feared it might feel "thrown together" last minute, and being at Hollywood Studios, while they have one of my top favorite attractions on Walt Disney World property (Tower of Terror), isn't my favorite of the four parks at WDW. That being said, we ended up doing a full open to close day at the Studios, and yes, we did have an AMAZING day!!!


Ok, enough text talk... On to some photos & videos!


Huge thanks to our friends at Attractions Magazine for use of their videos. If you haven't checked out their publication or website, click the link! Also thanks to Jack Crouse for his fantastic pictures! (I've noted his below)



Today is the first day for the "Frozen Summer Fun" event at Disney's Hollywood Studios that runs through September 1st



KidTums has her "take along Olaf" - We should have some fun with this today!



Disney's Hollywood Studios decked out for Frozen summer fun.



Olaf came out to open Hollywood Studios for Frozen Summer Fun!



You need to get tickets for the Frozen Sing-a-Long! Yup... We got 'em!



The American Idol show at Hollywood Studios is getting into the Frozen Summer Fun with Let It Go!



For the first time in forever Toy Story Mania is NOT the longest line at Hollywood Studios!



The line for Wandering Oaken's Trading Post is long... REALLY long! (We were told over two hours!)



We all have our "Carry Along Olaf's!"



About to head into Wandering Oaken's Trading Post!



Yes, you can build a snowman inside Wandering Oaken's Frozen Funland!




Ice Skating in the Frozen Funland at Hollywood Studios



A trio of Frozen themed cupcakes in Wandering Oaken's Frozen Funland!



If I have to choose to eat Anna or Elsa, I choose Anna!



Do you want to build a snowman?




Wandering Oaken has a Zamboni!!!



Yes! The girls *actually built* a snowman!



Snowfall being projected on Elsa's castle in Wandering Oaken's Frozen Funland.



Ice Skating Show in Wandering Oaken's Frozen Funland about to start!




The Ice Skating show at Wandering Oaken's #Frozen Funland was GREAT!


Here's the full Ice Skating show:

(Note - This video might not work on mobile platforms)



Wandering Oaken's family skated to many songs from the Frozen soundtrack!



Hey now! This is a family friendly park! =)

(Photo by Jack Crouse)


Really had a great time with the ice skating show! Nice surprise!

(Photo by Jack Crouse)


"Why, hello!"

(Photo by Jack Crouse)



Anna & Elsa in the Royal Welcome parade!



Hi there Anna! We see you! =)

(Photo by Jack Crouse)



OMG! Kristoff also in the Frozen Royal Welcome Parade!




The parade ended at the center stage with a Let it Go sing-a-long!



Another shot of Anna & Elsa in the Royal Welcome parade.



Another shot of Kristoff's float in Frozen Royal Welcome parade.



Insane crowds to see Anna & Elsa on stage.


Full video of the Royal Welcome Parade!



Next up! Frozen Sing-A-Long!

(Photo by Jack Crouse)



Currently in the theater for the "First Time In Forever" Frozen Sing-a-Long!



Anna takes the stage at the Sing-A-Long!

(Photo by Jack Crouse)


Yup, Kristoff is here, too!

(Photo by Jack Crouse)




Entire crowd singing along with Anna & Elsa!




I know it's crazy, but we finish each other's...



Gotta love how much they are using the new Kristoff character!



I honestly think this #Frozen Sing-a-Long might be my favorite theme park show ever!!!



Anna, Elsa, & Kristoff in the Frozen Sing-a-Long. OMG! I *LOVED* this show!!!




KidTums belting out LetItGo during the Frozen Sing-a-Long!



Seriously, guys, don't mess with Elsa...she means business!

(Photo by Jack Crouse)




Let it Go!



The entire Let it Go sequence from the Sing-A-Long show!



It's all about the act of "true love" not having anything to do with needing a dude, right? ;)

(Photo by Jack Crouse)


Wow, so yeah...I guess they ARE still a thing!

(Photo by Jack Crouse)


I honestly cannot get enough of these two!

(Photo by Jack Crouse)


Anna & Elsa are the reason why we are here! LOVE THEM!!!

(Photo by Jack Crouse)



I am still Frozengasming over how amazing the show & everything at this event has been!



The Frozen Sing-a-Long plays 7 times a day at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios. It was seriously FANTASTIC!


Here is the FULL version of the Sing-A-Long! I was REALLY impressed with this show!




Frozen Summer Fun shirts.



I am honestly impressed with the Frozen Summer Fun event at Walt Disney World so far.



Taking Olaf on the Great Movie Ride to escape the summer heat!



Olaf says "Some rides are worth melting for!"



"I don't think we're in Arendelle anymore!"



It's awesome being at an event for "fun" & not just to blog about!



Olaf says "it's still about a 2 hour line to get into Wandering Oaken's Trading Post."



Thankfully we came back later in the day and there was no line to get into the store.


Sven hanging out at the trading post!



Olaf approves of KidTums purchases in Wandering Oaken's Trading Post!



These Frozen MagicBands are buttloads of AWESOME!



Olaf is just chilling on Tower of Terror.



KidTums doing her "fierce Anna!"



My current favorite Walt Disney World MagicBands!



"Whoa, so this is heat. I love it! Ooh! Just don't touch it!"



For the first time in forever Anna & Elsa dresses can be found at Walt Disney World together!



The Frozen Summer Fun Dance Party is in full swing!



The "Icemen" band playing Olaf's song!



Hanging out with Olaf and Attractions Magazine waiting for the fireworks!



This Frozen Summer Fun dance party is Elissa approved!



Let it Go rocking the house at the Frozen Summer Fun dance party!



Waiting for the Fireworks and The Icemen are rocking the house!



Yes! It's about to start!



Princess Anna, Krisoff, & Olaf take the stage before the Frozen Summer Fun Fireworks!



Yes! More Kristoff during the Frozen Summer Fun event!



OMG! Fireworks set to Frozen music!!! Having a total Frozengasm meltdown right now!!!






Queen Elsa took the stage during Frozen Summer Fun Fireworks and sh1t got REAL!



Let It Go Fireworks! Elsa's snow power turns fiery EVIL!!! Amazing!!!






And this is what the fireworks looked like from a bit further back!

(Photo by Jack Crouse)



(Photo by Jack Crouse)


Here's the full version of the Fireworks Show. Despite the weather not totally cooperating with the smoke, the show was AMAZING!




Seriously had the BEST DAY at Walt Disney World Frozen Summer Fun! Incredible! Will be back for more!


Frozen Summer Fun runs through September 1st at Disney's Hollywood Studios. If you're a fan of Frozen at all, you NEED to check this out!


Thanks for reading!



Calico System.nltrack



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Looks like a cool event! Is this geared more toward getting return visits out of locals? I can't imagine somebody on Vacation wanting to wait that long for a sing-along show.


Then again people wait 300 minutes at DL to meet the Frozen princesses, so maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about

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I can't imagine somebody on Vacation wanting to wait that long for a sing-along show.

I'm not sure what you mean. There wasn't any wait for the sing-a-long show. I think the only reason why there was a huge line for the shop today was because it was the first day. I'd be curious to see what it's like in a few days.

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I don't like theme parks that much, but this was seriously amazing!!!


We had a total blast.


Also, just because it was brought up in this thread before, Lights Camera Action Stunt Show was open and running.

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We had an awesome day too. I can't believe we did a full open to close day at the Studios - and we really didn't ride anything. I think the guests are going to love this event. It was just the right mix of celebrating the phenomenon that is Frozen with a bit of humor poking fun at is as well. It's is practically a park-wide overlay that will definitely create some new energy this summer. It was a very fun day and Robb captured it perfectly in his report. It's not for everyone - but most will find Frozen Summer Fun a blast. Plus there were cupcakes!!

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Also, just because it was brought up in this thread before, Lights Camera Action Stunt Show was open and running.


Great to hear! Disney probably has an OSHA department on site to deal with incidents this quickly, hahaha.

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