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WDW Disney's Hollywood Studios Discussion Thread

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This isn't worth it. They make full size ones, however. Kevin and Olivia on Attack of the Show had full size ones made. I can't find anything about the company, so maybe they are out of business. I recall them not being absurdly expensive. This looks crazy expensive, especially since it seems the only unique part of the sculpt is the face. So you are buying a $10 figure, with a 1/2" uniquely sculpted face, that probably isn't very detailed, or lifelike.



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I'm assuming that from the picture. The large ones had unique hands too, but this one looks to have hands similar to the movie. They should at least offer a variety of pre-made hand poses, but I definitely wouldn't expect them to be uniquely scanning/casting hands.



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sdf138969LARGE.jpg.4366e78eeda347b2ac6c7d31d01a72e1.jpgEver since I was a little boy, I’ve dreamed of owning my own droid just like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. Granted, I also wanted to learn the ways of the Force, but I think having an Astromech droid will be slightly easier with the Droid Factory experience launching during Star Wars Weekends 2012. Fans will be able to build and name their own R-series Astromech droid action figures. I spoke with product developer Cody Hampton who said this experience was in development for three years!


“We began discussing the Droid Factory in 2009,” explained Cody. “We know that personalization is an important aspect of the popular build-your-own light saber experience. We felt the same thing could be done with action figures but on a much larger scale.”


Large scale indeed – the Droid Factory has 71 different pieces to create the 3 ¾-inch figures! To get started, guests chose a dome, a body and legs offered in a variety of colors and styles (Cody said that availability of various parts and colors may change). There are optional third legs and novelty hats that can be added.


“We wanted lots of options for [the Droid Factory],” continued Cody. “There are literally thousands of combinations making each droid unique. Guests can also name their droids with sticker sheets provided at checkout.”


Three domes – R6, R8 and R9 – were created exclusively for this experience at Disney Parks. Cody also told me the multi-colored ear hats were inspired by Jedi Mickey’s Astromech droid, R2-MK. Four additional hats arrive later this summer including a Goofy hat, a pirate hat, a fedora and a Yoda cap.


Droids will be sold either in single or dual packs (the latter has a value price). They can also be used with the playsets we’ve created like the Starspeeder 1000.


Cody and fellow developer Brad Schoeneberg built Astromech droids for this article.


“My favorite droid is named R7-C4,” Cody continued. “He has an orange body like my favorite clone trooper, Commander Cody. He wears the Yoda cap as a nod to the actual hat created in the 1980s when I fell in love with Star Wars.”


Brad built R9-EIU in honor of Eastern Illinois University, where he completed his bachelor’s degree. He explained, “[The droid] would have been great to have around while I was in school.”


I can’t wait to create one for my office. Happy building!

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The model for the New Fantasyland expansion, which was last on display for media during the Summer to Remember press event and for Disney fans at the 2011 D23 Expo, is currently being placed into the One Man’s Dream exhibit at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Guests can view this model in all it’s detail beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, May 16, at One Man’s Dream, an exhibit that highlights some of Walt Disney’s biggest dreams come to life. Could there be a better place for the model to be on display?


Here are the first photos of the model in its new location.







It seems like Disney Channel’s Phineas and Ferb are popping up everywhere around Walt Disney World Resort these days. In addition to meet-and-greets at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the soon-to-open Disney’s Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure at Epcot, now guests can learn how to draw Phineas, Ferb and Agent P (among other Disney characters) as part of The Magic of Disney Animation attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


The Magic of Disney Animation is an eye-opening attraction where guests of all ages discover the art of how Disney characters are created and get a hands-on opportunity to create their very own Disney character sketch. Disney artists teach guests to draw one of more than 20 beloved characters including Mickey, Stitch, Goofy – and now Phineas, Ferb and Agent P. Sessions run continuously throughout the day, with each session drawing a different character.


Disney Channel’s “Phineas and Ferb” creators Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” March met with some of the Disney artists from the attraction recently at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Dan and “Swampy” shared secrets from the early days of their creations and gave tips on how the characters have evolved.


Fans of the show can also enter for a chance to be one of 26 winners, plus three guests each (104 people) who will receive a Walt Disney World Resort vacation to make unforgettable summertime memories and can celebrate the end of summer and party with Phineas and Ferb! Disney Channel and Target present the “Phineas and Ferb Summer to Remember Sweepstakes.” No Purchase Necessary. For official rules/details and to enter: Disney.com/SummerToRemember.









Did you ever wonder what it takes to plan an event like Star Wars Weekends? After all, working with Wookiees, Rodians and Sith (oh my!) and scheduling their Star Wars Weekends appearances can be well…sometimes a bit “challenging.” But it’s a labor of love, as it all comes together this year for four weekends of galactic fun.


The 2012 edition of Star Wars Weekends takes place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from May 18-June 10. (And yes, we know that we add an extra day to the official definition of “weekend,” but when Darth Vader requests a three-day weekend, we don’t argue.)


Today, we are pleased to debut two new videos that will take you behind the scenes a bit to show some of the fun we have putting the event together. Conceptualized by the talented team at Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group, in partnership with Lucasfilm, Ltd., these spots will be featured on a new mobile website that just launched for Star Wars Weekends.

On your mobile device, set your course for disneytheforce.com. This mobile site will serve as a great, “on-the-go” resource for the event and feature famous Star Wars characters, visiting celebrities, event descriptions and even some special downloadable content unique to the site. And of course, these new videos will be featured so you can share them with your friends no matter where you are. The official Star Tours – The Adventures Continue Facebook page (facebook.com/StarTours) also will join the fun with news and notes about the upcoming event.

In addition, today we are debuting two of the new promotional images that have become famous through the years for their one-of-a-kind “mashups” of famous characters and icons from both Star Wars and Walt Disney World Resort. Yellow Shoes seems to keep topping themselves with concepts and we are very excited to debut these for you here.


(We have a total of four videos and four images, so keep watching the Disney Parks Blog for the final two videos and final pair of photos. We’ll post those in the coming days.)


Also, keep checking with our friends at StarWars.com to learn more about the Star Wars film saga, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the rich background of the galactic characters that will be featured at Star Wars Weekends.


We hope you enjoy viewing these new videos and photos as much as the team enjoyed creating them.





One week from today, Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will officially launch its 2012 edition. To celebrate the countdown to the event, we’re debuting two more videos that take a lighthearted look at some of the planning that goes on throughout the year. Also, we’re pleased to premiere two brand-new promotional images being featured this year.


In yesterday’s post, we unveiled the first videos and promotional images for Star Wars Weekends 2012.

The videos and images were produced by Yellow Shoes Creative Group, in partnership with Lucasfilm, Ltd., and are featured on the new mobile website for Star Wars Weekends. The site is a great, “on-the-go” resource for the event and can be accessed on your mobile device at disneytheforce.com.

Keep checking here at the Disney Parks Blog, the new mobile website, the Star Tours Facebook page, the Star Wars Weekends event page on DisneyWorld.com and StarWars.com for all the Force-filled information about the Star Wars Weekends and the entire Star Wars galaxy.


Star Wars Weekends takes place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from May 18-June 10. We hope you’ll join us!

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Could there be a better place for the model to be on display?

Perhaps inside the park where Fantasyland will actually will be built? Seems odd to be in a different park. But kudos to them for actually putting it on display, I love stuff like this.

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^^ I love models too, Jon. Especially of

theme parks, Disney front and centre.


I remember enjoying the display setup

they had at Efteling's indoor carousel.

With trains, autos and some wierd boats

moving along, heh heh. All great.


Somewhere I have the photo of the model

they did for Disneyland when a "circus-

themed" land was considered at the top

of the site, where ToonTown now sits.


The Dumbo was there, and a freekish

looking dark ride called "Mickeys Mad House,"

all with black and white animatronics (now).

Based on the first early Mickey & Co.


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^Gotta sell them Park Hoppers.


I was thinking the same thing. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a sign telling you that you can visit the progress right now... If you upgrade your ticket.

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^^ I love models too, Jon. Especially of

theme parks, Disney front and centre.


I remember enjoying the display setup

they had at Efteling's indoor carousel.

With trains, autos and some wierd boats

moving along, heh heh. All great.


Somewhere I have the photo of the model

they did for Disneyland when a "circus-

themed" land was considered at the top

of the site, where ToonTown now sits.


The Dumbo was there, and a freekish

looking dark ride called "Mickeys Mad House,"

all with black and white animatronics (now).

Based on the first early Mickey & Co.



Is this a poem?

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Today Adam, Renee, and I went down to Disney's Hollywood Studios to do a quick lap of Star Wars Weekends. I gotta be honest, while I grew up with the first three films, knew them inside and out at one point in my life, even had a bunch of Star Wars toys as a young adult, the new films kinda killed the franchise for me, and I never even bothered to see Episode II or III.


That being said, there is still a part of me that is a closet "fan" of the original series, and I actually enjoyed this event more than I thought I would. Kind of brought out the inner Star Wars geek in me. And while part of me really enjoyed "poking fun at it" (especially at Adam), but honestly, I had a pretty good time overall, and the event was really well done! I wish we had more time to see the shows, but I have a feeling we'll be back before the event is over!


And the most enjoyable part of the day was Adam being Adam....


Yup! It's Star Wars Weekends! It's so popular they made an official logo!


Traffic getting into the park was kind of hell, but this is the price you have to pay to witness full grown adults dressing up like Jedi's. Worth every moment in line!


Turnstiles completely full. Don't worry...what you're about to see next makes up for the minor frustrations getting into the park!


Oh, Adam. A thousand naked girls couldn't make you more horny.


I know it looks JUST like him, and you'd totally expect it, but this isn't Adam. It's someone else. And he made Adam very, very jealous.


What do you think? Should we carbon freeze Adam or not? I mean, the choice here is pretty obvious!


The big difference between Han Solo and Adam...well, one, Han Solo is a man, and two, no one other than Adam's mother has said "I love you" to him.


"Hi, I'm told that I get 72 virgins if I let you carbon freeze me. Where do I sign up?"


Yeah.... nobody is ever going to get laid wearing this hat.


OH. MY. GOD!!! Major Star Wars secret revealed!!! R2D2 is made by Apple!!!


This is for both the Star Wars and the Muppets geeks!


"It's a salute to all nations...but mostly America." (Greatest single line in Muppet history!)


Just when you thought Adam would be the only one geeking out...


"Yeah, this makes me totally moist in the regions Adam will never discover!"


Would you believe it? The REAL reason we actually came to Star Wars weekends!


"At least this is better than the One More Disney Day Cupcakes!"


Adam, if there was ever a chick you'd have a chance with...it would be her...and she's still say no...she wants a Jedi, not an Ewok.


Stuff is going to happen on this stage eventually.


In the parade they had starships and Nicky Minaj.


Next week they walk in the Trunchbull parade! (Tyler will at least appreciate this one)


Why do I get the feeling these guys are NOT on their way to a swingers party?


"When I was a kid, I dreamed of saving Han Solo, just like Leia did" -Adam


Gas masks are required around Star Wars geeks.


LOL! I see what they did there!


Thanks to Star Wars....we kinda get to go backstage!


Yay! Back side of "Good Tower!"


Who are we kidding? We know Adam's house looks EXACTLY like this!


Inside Darth's Mall is everything you could buy that would guarantee you'll never get laid!


Who looks better in the "furry hat?" Adam or Renee? (Or should we get this for Gregg?)


Nerdy men are salivating all across the interwebz at this moment... (thanks Chad!)


Is it me, or does the hoodie *kinda* remind me of the sheep hoodies in this video: (And if you haven't seen this video yet, WATCH IT...you'll thank me later!)


In a light saber battle to the death, who would win? Adam or Renee? VOTE NOW! Winner gets a severed arm!


"I'm pretty sure I can fit a family of Jawa's in this bag!" (Get it? Star Wars humor!)


Again, no sex with be coming to anyone sporting these items! Especially, and mostly Adam!!!


"Oh, I already have this...and mine was cheaper..." - Adam


All the Disney/Star Wars mash-up plush you could possibly ever want!


It's Renee's favourite! "Anal Probe Duffy!"


Renee is not in this picture because she just exploded with a Vinylgasm.


These are "light sabers." Yeah, uh...huh.... As though we don't know what the sexually depraved males will do with these.


You could get ANYTHING in an R2D2... Popcorn, churros, hot fat, fetuses, the head of Alfredo Garcia....


While I am totally poking fun at the show in my captions above, I was totally enjoying it...until we ran into this guy.


I don't know why, but I'm honestly completely creeped out and disturbed by this. While I know I shouldn't be "judgmental..."




I never felt like I needed to come home and take a shower so badly after witnessing this.


towerterror.jpg.0245035e720e347488a295110d7e8885.jpgSo, yeah....Renee bought the hoodie! (Let's be honest, even Jake would bang her in that...and he's gay!)


If you want to get your photo with this serious mo-fo, better stand in line!


Chewie didn't have as long as a line, but honestly, do you really need your picture with a walking carpet? It's not like he's Domo or anything...


"I could totally be a storm trooper. I have the build for it, and I could seriously kick some rebel ass!" - Adam (No, really, he honestly said this!)


I'm at a loss for words. If you have some, email them to Dan: mrt0ad13@aol.com


These aren't Star Wars fans, they really are a REAL rebel family! Good for them protecting the outer space and whatever...


"Can I show you my light saber?"


Star Tours gets a full queue on Star Wars Weekends....DUH!!!!


It's time! Adam's forehead is going to get frozen in carbonite!


Apparently they carbon froze Drew Carey! He's gone for 255 years! This is the most amazing thing that ever happened to mankind!


"Really? Come on. That's the one thing I asked you to change for real. Kind of serves the same purpose just to link to it. I take it all in good stride, that's just the one that's a little more out there. Just a personal request. Everything else I'm cool with."






The following images can only be described as.... "THE MANY FACES OF ADAM!"
















Which expression says "I molested an Ewok?" 1,2,3, or 4? Please respond below and vote. The winner will get a 1 gallon bag of tonton semen.


This is what Adam looks like in 3D...or this is what Adam looks like the first time he's getting a........


Apparently this in the inside of Adam's head. This is the stuff your worst nightmares are made of!


This is what Adam will eventually look like frozen in carbonite! For only $120!


I'm going to end this update with this photo...because it is quite simply....the greatest photo ever taken! The expression on Renee's face just sums it up, and I would have to assume this is how most women look at Adam. I would like to take this moment and have a caption contest. Everyone, if you could please write a caption for this picture below. Renee will select the winner, and we will send you something really cool from Star Wars weekends! (Honestly, it will be something really crappy from Star Wars weekends, but we'll really send you something!) So please, write you caption below!


That's it! End of this update! POST YOUR COMMENTS NOW!!!!

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Alrighty then...is Adam (or you) a die-hard "Star Wars" fan? Take this short quiz to find out!


1.) What is the name of Chewbacca's home planet?

2.) What was Luke's callsign in Episode IV?

3.) What was the name of Luke's co-pilot in Episode V?

4.) Where is a woman's G-spot?


Honestly, I was distrubed and intrigued at the photos at the same time. I am set to geek out at Star Wars Weekends in a few weeks.

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