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WDW Disney's Hollywood Studios Discussion Thread

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I got to ride Star Tours twice today at Disneyland and I truly have to say that it was money well spent. Substantial story improvements, great visuals, and amazing simulators. These things move like I never thought a simulator could. It's one of my new favorite rides at Disneyland or Hollwood Studios. With 54 different ride combos, it won't get old soon!


The queue hasn't seen the changes that the ride istelf has. It still a fun and intereting line to stand in, but it seems like they could have changed it more, overall great though.


I can't wait to ride it again!!!


^I rode Star Tours today and I agree with everything you said. I just wanted add that the ride is very short though! about 3 minutes compared to the originals 4 minutes. It seems extremely rushed, But overall B+

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Got to ride Star Tours at DHS today, and I have to agree with everyone so far that it is incredibly well done. Rode it 11 times and got to see every segment of footage available for the program. The 3D effects were amazing and probably the smoothest 3D on any theme park attraction I've seen, not to mention the ride vehicles move like a dream. 11 weren't enough, I can't wait to get back on this thing!



I am terrified of how the opening weekend is going to look for this thing. They have started hanging tarps up over the street in New York to house the overflow queue...

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I watched the LIVE webcast today from Disneyland for the ceremony for Star Tours, awesome presentation. I wish I was there, but hopefully sometime this summer I'll find time to visit and ride it. I never rode the original Star Tours, but I am sure this new one is 100x better, I can't wait.


I actually recorded the 28 minute presentation using my digital camera off my computer monitor stationary, the quality isn't superb from the original broadcast, but for those who haven't seen it yet, I cut it in two videos, so please enjoy..




I hope these videos are okay to post, if not..a moderator can kindly remove them from this post, and you can basically just go to my youtube page to watch them.





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Here are a few photos from soft opening today.




Inside the extended queue for the ride.



Star Speeder Hanger. This part of the queue has changed very little. The "Its a Trap" guy is still in the control tower and C3PO and R2D2 still interact with each other pretty much the same before the re fresh. The biggest changes in this part of the queue is the massive HD video display (it is freaking amazing) and the Star Speeder being changed from blue to red.






The resolution on this display is un real.




Space Cam



Next room has changed from the Cargo Bay to Droid Customs. Gone are the baskets that circled over head of guest in the queue. Also gone it the techno/rock music that use to play in this section of the queue.


Captain Rex being un packed. Every few seconds you will hear him recite some of the old ride spiel before malfunctioning



Baggage scan droid



Body Scan Droid. This droid is very similar to Mr. Potato Head at Toy Story Mania in the way he interacts with guests.









Other than a slight color scheme change, the loading area remains the same.


Pre Show.


"Three Stooges" Droids



Safety Video.


Gone is the lady with weird Mickey Mouse shaped hair.



I'm not going to spoil the actual ride but overall it is a HUGE improvement over the original. The guest interaction and random ride programs makes Star Tours a very repeatable attraction.

Great ride! Get out and ride it!

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Great ride!


I rode Star Tours yesterday at Disneyland. They were letting AP holders in, and I only waited about 10 minutes to ride. It exceeded my expectations, what a great job Disney/Lucas did to rehab this aging attraction.


This is going to unbelievably popular when it opens, but it will be well worth a long wait in line.

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Yes, Naboo was awesome, especially in the front row. I actually missed my time for the AP preview I won, but they let me go for the evening preview. I think I rode 6 times before the line got a little long, I still don't think I waited more than maybe 20 mins for a ride. Going back next week, hope to get in as many of the variables as I can before it opens the the GP.

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