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WDW Disney's Hollywood Studios Discussion Thread

p. 83 - More entertainment returning to WDW!

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Balancing out the villains are some classic good guys – and even a princess! Master Yoda, Admiral Ackbar (pictured above in a still image from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi) and Princess Leia will appear in the show to help guide our adventures


Read the previous page's announcement again.


Disney has released a promo image for two new Star Tours toy packs set to debut with the new ride in May




Disney Star Tours exclusives: Star Tours Ambush Pack and Star Tours Travel Agency Pack (May)


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If all of these classic characters are making appearances, they'd better have a clear explanation during the show/ride as to why. Are Darth Vader and Boba Fett going to be chasing down a simple small ship filled with the guests for some reason? Are we just going to be caught in the crossfire of a Rebels/Empire fight again? Oh well, I suppose time will tell...

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Recently, we talked about the characters you’ll meet in Star Tours – The Adventures Continue. Since then, there’s been a lot of speculation about where we’ll meet those characters. Well, stay tuned. While the Star Tours Company does fly to many destinations (as you can see in the attached image – especially if you read Aurebesh) we’ll soon give you the flight list for our show!




UPDATE: Our good friend Scott Smith actually deciphered the above message, here is the full translation:

Tatooine, flight 712, time 0745, statues: gate change

Coruscant, flight 1138, time 0910, status: on time

Tatooine, flight 324, time 1045, status: on time

Endor, flight 611, time 1100, status: delayed

Coruscant, flight 208, time 1245, status: on time

Tatooine, flight 410, time 1310, status: on time

Alderaan, flight 716, time 1315, status: see agent

Coruscant, flight 1010, time 1415, status: on time

Alderaan, flight 1112, time 1645, status: see agent

Endor, flight 903, time 1945, status: delayed

Other than some inside jokes with Endor flights delayed and Alderaan passengers being told to see agent, there isn’t anything new about the attraction revealed. While Disney has not released the list of destinations for the new attraction, we do have some speculation and clues as to what they might be. As usual, stay tuned for more information on Star Tours: The Adventures Continue as it becomes available.


Star Tours Departure Board

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I like the "see agent" on the flight board for a certain planet.


I'm honestly surprised that this is getting so popular, as I was -kinda- hoping something else would replace Star Tours...(I'm a Journey Thru Inner Space Fanboy )and I found this simulator to be dull...not very exciting.

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If they've done their homework right, they'll make sure to make it as close to travel as possible...


"We're sorry, Sir, you'll need to check that souvenir bag through to Endor. That will be 25.00"

"I'm sorry, Ma'am, If you want to sit on the sides of your Transporter, you'll need to pay 50.00"

"You can't sit in that row, sir, unless you're a member of our Ultra-Light Speed Platinum club."

"Oh, we announced that Starspeeder was leaving from gate 27 in Terminal Seven. You should have been paying attention."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Due to Space Traffic Control delays, we'll be leaving 45 minutes later than expected."

"I'm sorry, Sir, but your Souvenir bag has been routed to Tatooine. We should be able to get you your Mickey Mouse ears back in sixteen days. That will be a 50.00 fee."


R.D. "I've grown a bit jaded over air travel- and I work in the FREAKIN' BUSINESS" Sussmann

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Why am I staring at that board trying to figure it out?


For the same reason you frequent a web site called "Theme Park Review" and have a certain love for trains that run on an elevated track. There is no rational explanation, we're all nerds.


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It won’t be long now before Star Tours re-launches and “The Adventures Continue” at both Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland Resort in California! But where in the galaxy are we going?


We know a lot of you have been wondering and asking, and today we are happy to reveal the final destinations you can expect to visit when Star Tours resumes service. You already know we’re going to Tatooine for the Boonta Eve Podrace and to Coruscant.


Additional destinations include a visit to the beautiful planet of Naboo, a rare tour of the Wookiee planet of Kashyyyk, and a trip to the icy planet Hoth (seen above in a still image from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back).


Of course, no Star Tours adventure would be complete without an unexpected visit to the Death Star, this time above the planet Geonosis.

In addition, we’ll be departing from a spectacular new Spaceport, created just for the new Star Tours voyages.


As revealed earlier, these destinations will be combined in more than 50 different story adventures, so you’ll never know where the Force will take you!



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