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WDW Disney's Hollywood Studios Discussion Thread

p. 85 - Fantasmic returning on November 3rd!

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Good News! I'm sure they'll do a great redo of this attraction.


It to bad that redo's are all that Disneyland ever seems to get.

They redid Space Mountain, then the Submarines, and now Star Tours. Unfortunately they haven't added a 'New" E-Ticket attraction since Indiana Jones? (I believe) and that was way back in 1996?


I remember reading in David Koenigs book Mouse Tails how he talked about how one of Walt Disney's directives was that the park never be complete and that it be constantly changing and expanding. But under the current leadership they seemed pleased with Disneyland being the massive cash cow that it is. I realize that there spending a boat load of money on DCA, but that was money they should have allocated when they first built DCA.


In any case, I'll look forward to the updated Star Tours. I'll be living in Orange County for a while, so I'll hold out hope that Disneyland will continue to expand as Walt envisioned.

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Disney's Hollywood Studios has updated its song list for the American Idol Experience.




Here is an overview of what has been changed:


Disco- New Attitude has been added


Rock/Pop Up Tempo- Crazy Little Thing Called Love, I Don't Want to Be, It's Not Over, La La Land, The Power of Love, What About Now, Ain't No Sunshine when She's Gone, All Around Me, Black Velvet, Bubbly, Crush, I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, In Love with a Girl, Light On, Love Song, Sober, Somebody to Love and The Climb have been added


R & B- Listen, No One, Turn Your Love Around

Reach Out and I'll Be There have been removed

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Is this actually up and running now?


I'm ashamed to say, I haven't ventured to that part of the Studios since we mistakenly went to see the Drew Carey thing during a rainstorm. I have a better soundsystem in my bedroom than the one in that crapfest.


We do ToT and Rock N Rollercoaster (and if it's on, the Osbourne Family lights) then hop over somewhere else. It was only after we got back home this year I realised we've missed out on the Toy Story attraction since it opened.


Alsdo, if it's up and running, is it popular? (I don't watch any 'reality' shows)


I would vote 'yes' on a Lost attraction - especially now we have more of the island to play around with (Thinking Temple, Lighthouse and Sea-Cave)

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Either Lee DeWyze or Crystal Bowersox will sing "When You Wish Upon A Star" for a Disney commercial set to air on TV within hours of Wednesday night's "American Idol" finale.


Bowersox or DeWyze's voice will be featured crooning the beloved 'Pinocchio' tune in the newest "I'm Going to Disney World!" commercial. The new "Idol" winner will also shout the famous phrase moments after being crowned champ, and Disney cameras will also be on hand to capture the proclamation.


It's all in celebration of the "The American Idol Experience" at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, the first major theme-park attraction in the world based on the popular TV series.

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Earlier today we announced the extension of Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade at Walt Disney World, and if that’s not enough good news for a Thursday, there’s also a fresh, new show coming to the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort this Fall.


A live, rock-concert style show will blast popular music from a variety of Disney Channel hits, including the “High School Musical” series, “Camp Rock” and “StarStruck.” The show, which has yet to be officially named, will follow a format that is similar to “High School Musical 3: Senior Year – Right Here! Right Now!” The new show is scheduled to debut at Disney California Adventure park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios on October 22.


In order to make way for this exciting addition, the Wildcats from High School Musical will cheer in their last performance of “High School Musical 3: Senior Year – Right Here! Right Now!” at Disney California Adventure park on October 17 and Disney’s Hollywood Studios on October 2. Don’t miss your last chance to sing, dance and cheer with the Wildcats before school’s back in session, but rest assured the Wildcats will be back in a new way on October 22.


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After more than two decades of interstellar travel, Disney Parks' Star Tours attraction is powering down to make way for its reimagining in 2011 -- but Last Tour to Endor offers fans the opportunity to attend an out of-this-world, first-of-its-kind decommissioning party before Star Tours launches its final flights. Taking place on August 14 from 8:00pm - 1:00am at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Last Tour to Endor is a special event on the Saturday night of Star Wars Celebration V -- THE official Lucasfilm fan convention and the biggest Star Wars party in the galaxy!


Fans and families attending Last Tour to Endor at the Walt Disney World Resort can enjoy a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience -- including specially-themed intergalactic party zones, Star Wars shows, a Death Star Disco and much more. The evening will culminate with Symphony in the Stars -- a Star Wars fireworks spectacular as only Disney Parks can create. Though the party begins at 8:00pm, Last Tour ticket-holders will also be allowed early entrance to Disney's Hollywood Studios at 4:00pm -- where they can be sure to secure a seat one of the StarSpeeder 3000's final voyages!


Disney Parks will also have a prominent presence on the Celebration V show floor at the Orange County Convention Center -- including Jedi Training Academy for younglings and Padawans and a Disney merchandise booth featuring a host of exclusive items as well as Star Wars items only previously available at Disney park stores. CV attendees will also enjoy special room rates at Walt Disney World Resort Hotels, specially-priced tickets with pre-arrival purchase savings for Walt Disney World parks and an exclusive, reserved room block at Disney's Port Orleans Resort -- which will include complimentary round-trip transfers to and from the convention center.


To purchase tickets -- and to take advantage of Last Tour to Endor special offers -- visit http://www.starwarscelebration.com/Disney. For more information on Star Wars Celebration V visit http://www.starwarscelebration.com for the latest updates.




Please note: Last Tour to Endor is a ticketed event separate from Star Wars Celebration V. A Celebration V pass alone will not grant admission to this event.




When Darth Vader moonwalks and Donald Duck sports Imperial stormtrooper armor, something special must be happening.


With a heaping helping of Disney magic, the Star Wars galaxy will descend upon Walt Disney World Resort from 8pm - 1am on Aug. 14, 2010 for an exclusive party to let fans of the sci-fi saga provide a special send-off to Star Tours before the popular attraction "powers down" in preparation for a new, 3-D Star Wars adventure that will open in 2011 at Disneyland park in California and Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida.


But before the blaster doors on the attraction close temporarily, Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park will host "Last Tour to Endor," an after-hours, private event that will feature live entertainment, Disney characters in their favorite Star Wars attire, a special Star Wars-themed fireworks spectacular, the "Death Star Disco," Jedi Training Academy, Star Wars trivia challenges and more.


And yes, Darth Vader may even moonwalk.


The Dark Lord of the Sith and his stormtroopers, known to many Disney guests for their Michael Jackson-like dance moves to songs like "Thriller" and "Beat It" during the popular "Hyperspace Hoopla" at the park's annual Star Wars Weekends event, will take the stage during the "Last Tour to Endor" for a special edition of "Hyperspace Hoopla." They will be joined by a cast of Star Wars characters moving and shaking to their favorite 1970s and 1980s dance tunes in the "Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars."


"Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars" premiered several years ago and has since become a hit not only for Star Wars Weekends guests each year, but also for millions more on YouTube. (See more detail about the "Dance-Off" at the "Last Tour to Endor" party below, including the scheduled cast of characters and tune selections.)


And while the Star Tours attraction serves as the galactic centerpiece of the celebration, "Last Tour to Endor" guests also will be able to enjoy other Disney's Hollywood Studios attractions during the evening, including The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, "The American Idol Experience," Toy Story Mania, the Great Movie Ride and more.


"Last Tour to Endor" tickets are $75 in advance, and will be $89 at the gate (if available). Advance tickets may be purchased online at starwarscelebration.com. Here are some other fast facts about the "Last Tour to Endor" party*:


•This is the largest private party ever held during a Star Wars Celebration.


•Fans are encouraged to get into the Star Wars spirit and dress in their favorite Star Wars costume for the event.


•Special Star Wars-themed entertainment, created just for this party, will be showcased throughout evening.


•"Last Tour to Endor" event-exclusive memorabilia, collectibles and merchandise will be available for purchase at the party.


•Just like during Star Wars Weekends, Mickey Mouse and his pals plan to join the fun by dressing up as their favorite saga characters. Mickey Mouse becomes Jedi Mickey; Donald Duck becomes Stormtrooper Donald; Goofy does his best Darth Vader impersonation and Minnie Mouse dons a honeybun-style wig and white dress in honor of Princess Leia.


•Free roundtrip shuttles to the event from the Orange County Convention Center will be offered for Star Wars Celebration attendees.


•A salute to the Star Tours attraction will cap the evening in grand fashion.


•While the party officially begins at 8 p.m., "Last Tour to Endor" ticket holders can get a head-start on their theme park fun and enter Disney's Hollywood Studios as early as 4 p.m.


•"Hyperspace Hoopla" will feature Star Wars characters stepping outside of their galaxy and putting on a display of dancing like never before. Here's the lineup scheduled for the "Last Tour of Endor" party:


•"Grease is the word" that Chewie heard: Chewbacca, Han Solo and the Jawas put on their dancing shoes (except Chewbacca of course, who will be frantically moving his furry feet) and perform a tune from the 1978 hit movie-musical Grease. In fact, Rebel spies have provided initial intel that Chewbacca's fur will be fashioned into a 1950's pompadour hairstyle just for the occasion.


•"Nobody puts Leia in a corner:: Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia will go back to the 1980s with a dance number from the box-office hit Dirty Dancing.


•"Strike a pose, there's nothing to it": Some of the most famous females from the Star Wars saga -- including Queen Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, Zam Wessel and Aurra Sing -- will join forces for an ensemble dance number set to one of the biggest pop hits by the "material girl" herself, Madonna.


•King of Pop, or King of the Dark Side?: Returning by popular demand will be Darth Vader and his crew of dancing stormtroopers, cutting a rug (and no, not cutting it with a lightsaber) to a hit medley from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. At previous "Hyperspace Hooplas," the Dark Lord has been known to even don a single, sequined glove as he channels the iconic music superstar.


For tickets and more information about the "Last Tour to Endor" event, guests may visit starwarscelebration.com. Also, check out our original announcement here.


*Note: Event activities subject to change without notice




Coming soon: The return of the Jedi to Disney’s Hollywood Studios – But it’s not Star Wars Weekends, Part Deux.


On August 14, the theme park will be the site of Last Tour to Endor, a one-night-only, after-hours, separate-ticket occasion tied to the Star Wars Celebration V event based primarily at the Orange County Convention Center.


Guests will have a different experience that during the parks’ annual Star Wars Weekends, but the themes will be familiar. Expect a mixing of Disney characters, the Star Wars universe and a few surprises from other films.


This show title gives a clue: “Raider of the Lost Jedi Temple of Doom: A Fan Film of Epic Proportions.”


“For the first time ever, we’re combining the worlds of Star Wars and Indiana Jones at our Epic Stunt Spectacular Stage,” says Jason Surrell, senior show writer and show director for Walt Disney Creative Entertainment and Walt Disney Imagineering.


The show’s plot revolves around two filmmaker who have a competiton to make their next project on the Disney backlot. One is a Star Wars fan, the other favors Indiana Jones.


“They haven’t quite been able to agree on the story they want to tell, so they’re going to do both,” Surrell says.


The show will include cameo appearances from “actual Star Wars celebrities,” he says. The script has been blessed by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.


“They’ve read it, they’ve approved it,” Surrell says. “It’s allowed us to combine these two worlds and characters for the first time in a very fun and tongue-in-cheek way.”


For the first time, Disney will present a Star Wars-themed fireworks show. It will include John Williams music, sound effects and dialogue from the films and present the whole saga in 12 minutes —not chronologically but in “broad, thematic brush strokes,” Surrell says.


“It’s a tale of heroes and villains, of love and redemption, and obviously there’s a great lightsabre duel in the middle of it,” he says.


Currently, it’s set as a one-night presentation, though it sounds like a natural for future Star Wars Weekends.


“My hope is that people will respond to it positively and that will inspire us to bring it back later,” Surrell says.


The working of Last Tour to Endor references the immenent closing (and eventual refurbishment) of the Star Tours attraction, which opened at Disney World in 1989. The special event will include an shutdown ceremony with characters in attendance.


It’s a chance to see “beloved Star Wars Characters in ways we haven’t seen them before,” Surrell says.


Hollywood Studios’ Star Tours is scheduled to close in October and reopen in 2011.


Star Wars Weekends’ popular Hyperspace Hoopla show will make an appearance, as well as specialized merchandise and Disney characters in Star Wars gear. Participants are encouraged to dress in full costume, which is a rare occurance for Disney World guests.


Tickets are $75 in advance ($89 day-of), and you don’t have to be going to Celebration V in order to attend. Go to http://www.starwarscelebration.com for more details or to purchase tickets.


It sounds like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure meets Star Wars & Indiana Jones. The event truly sounds amazing, and I know I'll be there. Will you?


Edit: More information has been released on this exciting one-night-only event.




While we’ve shared details about many of the activities, exclusive merchandise, live shows and fireworks being presented at the Last Tour to Endor after-hours party at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on August 14, there’s one truly “epic” show that we have yet to give you details about — until now.

For one night only and as part of Star Wars Celebration V, the two worlds of Indiana Jones and Star Wars will collide in an ultimate film mashup show entitled “Raiders of the Lost Jedi Temple of Doom: A Fan Film of ‘Epic’ Proportions.” While details for the live-action show have been shrouded in secrecy, we caught up with Disney’s Jason Surrell on the set this week and had a chance to catch one of the final rehearsals.




Great stuff, huh? Now, let us know which two Disney films you would like to see combined in a mashup show.


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Same can be said for orlando.


They are also getting the new star tours, and the monsters inc ride at the disney studios park. The magic kingdom is getting a huge remodel of fantasyland with a bunch of new attractions like the little mermaid. There is a strong rumor that epcot will be adding another country soon, as well as the continued additios to animal kingdom.


Now if they could only do something about pleasure island.......

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I don't see the point of revamping Star tours, really. I mean I understand new flim and such, but I have never liked how when Disney has revamped older rides, the results aren't as great as they should be. I have mix feelings over the change, but it will soon change, I suppose.

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Does anyone else have this feeling that we will now have to endure Jar Jar Binks in a theme park attraction. George Lucas already ruined Return of the Jedi by putting Jar Jar in the final scenes. I just have a bad feeling about this.

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Makes you wonder, though.


I don't see why EVERYTHING has to change with this new start tours ride. If they just updated a movie, and programed it ASAP, you would have a new attraction and much LESS of improvements. I have seen nothing wrong with the ride since I hve been going to the park on a regular basis.

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Sorry if it is worded bad, or some matter of that, but basically what I'm saying is I don't see why the whole ride experience is to be changed. I would rather see the old film projected to be replaced, if anything. I don't like how Star Tours is going to get a complete overhaul. In the past, these types of overhauls have not been as great as the original. In all, the new 3-d experience/ "new" look of the star speeders does nothing to attract me to riding it now.


Hopefully this clarifies the previous post.

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