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Photo TR: A little more Animal Kingdom

Erik Johnson

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Hey folks, we went down (yet again) to Orlando to take in a few more rides of Expedition Everest. While the ride is "officially" open on April 7, the ride is pretty much open every day now. Though it was only open half a day today.

We also hit Universal Orlando for a few hours for the Mardi Gras event.

Here are the pictures:


Yeah its true you can see some "behind-the-scenes magic" from the front seat.


You can make out the Magic Kingdom if you look backwards.


Leanne got her front row ride today. You can request the front row if you want to ride there.


This must be that lush bamboo forest I heard so much about.


Though we did wait in the main queue once (for around 20 mins) so Leanne can see all the neat stuff.


I am glad we know how to work the system.


They stopped giving out fastpasses at around noon since they closed EE early today.


I got a job today. I hope I don't get fired like Leanne did from Rock n Rollercoaster two weeks ago.


EE is pretty much as official ride now, its even listed on the board.


They changed out the old EE signs with this new design.

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Posted Images

More pictures


This is our favorite picture from this trip.


Yeah, you better not mess with this owl.


What? Is it some sort of McDonald's advertising in the Dinosaur area?


This car had a McDonald's mess in its front seat.


They are wasting no time removing the old Tarzan stage area.


I wonder what would attack me if I went over the fence.


All the blue walls have been removed.


The line kept getting longer and longer. I think it finally got up to around a 100 minute wait.


Even at 5'2", Leanne can ride this one.


Mr. Yeti is still hanging out.


We have fun riding EE.


Getting thrown out of the mountain, yet again.


The end of the backwards section.


The start of the backwards section.

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Ok, onto Universal.


I hope you enjoyed this PTR since I now have a cold. All I have to endure to help support the site. jk!


Leanne got some beads without having to...well you know.


As well as a big old gator.


They had a Universal float.


I ended up taking a lot more video of the parade than pictures.


The Mummy now has a new sponsor.


Notice something new on the Mummy sign?


Leanne got in the middle of these two people.


More of the speical food area.


Yeah it was a bit cool and rainy out this evening.


They had a small special food area.


Here is the stage, but due to the rain, which caused a long delay, we did not wait for Hall & Oates.


Here are all the bands that will be appearing over the next few weeks...though where is Starship?


Onwards into Universal.


Universal's ticket prices have gone up some this year.


Forrest Gump is going to be visiting Citiwalk starting this summer.


Here we are at Universal, to take in this annual event.

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Erik I cant believe you endured that NASTY!!!! cold at Universal yesterday...it came in quick too. I was at Universal Cineplex and also took a quick walk through IOA to kill some time before my movies, and the weather was just horrid.


Did see something funny at IOA though and wish I had a camera. Was crossing the bridge from JP to LC, and looked in the water and there was a giant Spiderman in the water. The way it was laying there it looked like a dead body It was so funny, and so lifelike. I really wish I had a camera. Children must have been freaked out!..LOL.


Thanks for the great P-TPR. I know I left Univeresal compund around 9pm, and it was pouring rain, and Universal was just letting out, so not sure if Hall and Oats even went on.

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The VW picture cracked me up--as though an Egyptian pharoah, who was revered as a god, would drive a Volkswagen! A BMW sports car, maybe.


Good stuff--thanks. I'm hoping to check out E:E myself this October.



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I am soooooooo jealous!!!! Thanks for the TR. How come EE was closed? I read it was also down on Monday. I think I need to get myself to disney soon.


Oops, I accidently hit edit instead of quote...Its fixed now.


Anyways EE is still in soft-opening phase so there will be times that the ride will be closed or only open a half-a-day. The steam effect was not working at all Saturday, so maybe they closed it early so they could work on that. Also the backwards section was a lot brighter than normal. Even from the back seats you could see some of the internal workings of the mountain (I hope they fix this).

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I was totally at DAK yesterday as well! I got in line for Everest around 1:50, just before the line closed off at 2. The wait time said 50 minutes, but ended up being just 20 minutes. I was quite glad.


We also had a job, but not at Everest, but at the Safari. We pulled a Deanne and forgot to give it to the CM. So, my friend kept it as a free gift. We are bad CMs.


Here is a picture from the day.


The group with the Pooh group (I'm in the Orange Hoodie)!

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Good photos as always, though you do lose a point for going to AK and not riding Dinosaur!


No Starship at Universal, but I saw KC & The Sunshine Band on the schedule, which is almost as good...




Heh heh heh, we actually did ride Dinosaur, I just did not take any pictures of it. Leanne HATES dinosaur, but I had to get some video footage of it.

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Have they kept any of the old Expedition Everest logos Erik? I think they look really good compared to that sign in your picture.


I did not mean the EE logo itself (though I do not see the official logo in the park) I meant the signs that are all around the park.


The old sign.

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Have they kept any of the old Expedition Everest logos Erik? I think they look really good compared to that sign in your picture.


I did not mean the EE itself (though I do not see the official logo in the park) I meant the signs that was around the park.


Phew, you had me worried then!


Only a month to go till the Florida holiday now.

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Wow it feels like I haven't been to Uni in forever.. Of course I haven't had a weekend day off since the last weekend in December.. Erik, you are one lucky man, and thanks for the pics!


Did you see anything new going on over in Seussland??


We did not make it over to IOA this trip.

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Where is that section in Universal, Erik? I should be there either Sat or Sun being that I haven't been since they started the Mardi Gras stuff. I usually spend my time at IOA (mmmm...Dueling Dragons....)


Do you mean where the parade was, or where the concert stage was located? We watched the parade in the section where the lake begins to split the park off into two sections. The concert stage is in front of the old Nickelodeon sound stages.

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