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I came up with a new idea. Instead of starting my own park, I am going to show everyone my progress on the scenarios that are installed with the ORIGINAL RCT2 ONLY. I have both expansions installed, but I will only be completing the RCT2 BASE scenarios. Hopefully, this will help people who attempt these scenarios to suceed. So without further adeu, I present to you all:




An overview! New update coming tomorrow! After all, I'll be snowed in by then!!!


The pretty Food Court!!!


Wild Mouse from another angle. I like the queue building that the track goes thru!


Wild Mouse is fun for the whole family!

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^ well you have to remember it doesn't have any add-on scenery packs and its just the games scenery choices so it might have to look like that but also i do have to agree that the food court is just a block with a random dip in the middle. Anyways i like what you are doing with using a game scenerio and trying to build a great park out of that. keep up the good work!

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Dude guys he is doing a scenario... There often isn't as much time as you would like to dress things up. I have beaten basically every scenario on the RCT games and there are some where you are constantly working. This one not so much but geez...


I would say that I would think you would have a bit more by mid year two though. Isn't it gonna be a bit hard to finish?

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This update includes a new woodie, Wildcat (so original, right? LOL!) Wildcat is a twister with a loop, a very tight helix providing 3.6 G's, and about 5.5 seconds of airtime. I tweaked the ride and it's station building (which I hope is a little better than the food court. Maybe?) alot so that I thought that they looked good. So, I hope you all enjoy this update.


PS- Like I said, we are snowed in with about 13 INCHES!!!!! W00t!!!


An overview. Another update soon!!!


Can you follow the twister track of the Wildcat? Wow, this caption doesn't compete with the 1st one for length :)


The station for Wildcat attaches to the front wall of the food court. To the right (attached to the station) is the building where the coaster comes onto the lift after diving underground right out of the station.

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Don't worry, I am like a Time Keeper. I can turn back time, and I can show you the future. The scenario will be completed, it may just take more than 4 years. But without failing is the way it shall be done. As October of Year 4 approaches, it will only get farther away.


Anybody know what I mean by that??? Oh, how do you like the park so far, kenshinmac?

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I love the mouse but I can't help but think that you could have put some slopes on those switchbacks to maybe help the thing with a little more speed and therefore capacity. The woodie isn't really my style. I never could get over some of those curves in RCT2 and so that kind of ride never really got me. It looks good but I kinda prefer the more traditional woodies.

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This update includes Tornado, which is made up of pieces of SFNOs' Jester coaster, and some other parts from the Manufacturer. It took me like 45 minutes to make the 45 foot tall coaster. I kept having to go back and remake it so that I could get the Corkscrew in there AND have something connect to the Brakes!!!


There's also a Ferris Wheel and a Berserker! ENJOY!!!!!


An overview. This update is brought to you by Tyler :)


Along with Tornado came 2 new rides!!!


"Ready to get caught up......in the Tornado?"

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