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Hey guys! Here are some pictures from my last trip to Hopi Hari at São Paulo, Brazil... Hope you like them! Take a look at the dark clouds in the sky... BIG STORM! More pictures in the next page...


I put Katapul's POV (ex-Thunderlooper, King Cobra, etc) and Montezum at the videos forum...




Zamperla's Buffalo coaster... funny!


The lake, Katapul and Skycoaster


Intamin's Free Fall at the back - La Tour Eiffel


Torture machine!


Montezum and Ekatomb (Top Spin)


Montezum - first drop from the road


The first drop - the roughest ride EVER!


Montezum - the lift hill


Viking ship empty! BTW, it was like that in all rides, all day! Until it got raining, about 3 PM, I could ride everything like 20 times!


Intamin's dark/spinning coaster - Vurang


Wild west area... ghost town!


Katapul again... and skycoaster!




Where is everybody?


Park empty! I guess is because of the rain coming...

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Katapul was "Thunderlooper" at Alton Towers before it was removed due to noise and the fact it could be easily seen from outside the park.


Why they had to move it to Brazil....


The park doesn't look as bad as I had imagined actually!

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Hopi Hari looks like a nice park to visit! Reminds me of Gullivers Warrington, but with all the rides twice as big.


Quick question - which is the park in Brazil with the 300ft+ Intamin Drop Tower?

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Wow! Thanks for posting those pics. Those are the first pics I have ever seen of that park and it looks really nice!


I love the theming on the Intamin drop tower. And it's nice to see Alton Towers old Shuttle Loop find a home. I really miss that over any other defunct AT coaster. (I never knew it as PKD's shuttle)


Love to see the other POV's of the park. Please do post them to the video forum!



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Y'know after seeing these pictures and looking at some of the other parks websites, they've totally swayed my opinion of Brazil. I knew they had some cool looking rides but I really didn't know what to expect.


Surely Beto Carrero World has gotta be the only place with a new gen Drop Tower and a first gen Freefall anywhere!

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It seems that you guys like these pictures! I'm glad to show you some good stuff from Brazil! Well... here are some more for you to see...


There is this huge foot on the base of the Pyramid that covers Vurang


The theming on this flat ride is nice!




More Katapul pictures!


Rio Bravo! (Mean River) Dirty water...


Here is a view from the car on Vurang, when it goes out of the Pyramid...


The theming on Intamin Tower!


And that's me going to fly on Skycoaster! Over that huge lake!


that would be me on the left in the Intamin Tower... the picture is not so good, it was taken with my mobile phone...

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Wow man, that park looks pretty nice. It's really cool to see some parks that aren't in Ohio, Florida, or socal!


Between these awesome Brazil pics and the ones from Malaysia, we're getting some nice worldwide coverage!



:goes to check out the videos:

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Woah that drop tower has got some serious phunkyness going on It makes me want to turn the real Eiffel Tower into a drop tower...

Just need to cut the cables on the elevators..

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I'm glad u guys like....


Beto carrero world is being rehab from the past few years, but is open....on his side they are building a brand new theme park, is going to be kinda disney's animal kindom, rumored to have a terrain woody...in other park here will recive a vekoma( i'm not sure wich one yet).


more brazilian photos coming soon

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I'm visiting |Sao Paulo next year, how easy is it to get to Hopiu Haris by public transport as I won't have a car? Also how easy is it to get to that park near Rio that has the Intamin 8 looper again by public transport.


Any help would be great, thanks!

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Hey there! Nice to know that TPR members are visiting Brazil!

Being in São Paulo is easy to go to Hopi Hari. The park is located about 40 minutes away from the city. By public transportation is almost impossible to get there, but you will find a bus service that takes people from São Paulo's principal shooping malls and metro stations to the park. You will pay about R$15,00 ($6,00) for the bus, R$42,00 ($16,00) to the park entrance and you will spend like $6,00 with food... The bus leaves São Paulo about 9 AM and returns to the shopping malls and metro stations about 8 PM during the week and 10 PM during weekends and vacation.


To visit Intamin 8 Looper is a little harder. You will need to get a bus or plane ticket. Rio de Janeiro is about 600-700km from São Paulo! I've never been there. Hopefuly we'll have a TPR member from Rio that will be able to help you with this trip!


Feel free to contact me, I'll be pleased to help you to plan your Hopi Hari visit!



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