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What Did You Do Today


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midnight to 3am played battlefield 1942 online.

3am to 11 slept

11 got ready for skiing

1105, left for skiing (I'm pretty low maint...)

1130 arrived at Boston Mills and skied til 6pm

630 arrived home and ate.

700-9pm snoozed and watched the tube.

900 took a shower.

930 til now, went online....


Days off are sweeeeeeeeeet.

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8:30-11:00 Work

11:00-11:30 Lunch

11:30-12:00 Homework

12:15-1:00 Government and Politics Lecture

1:00-1:55 Discussion Groups

2:00-4:00 Bio Lab

4:00-6:00 English Comp 2 Honors paper

6:00-7:00 Internet

7:00-8:00 Dinner at the Student Union

8:00-9:00 Internet

9:00-9:20 Shower

9:20-Now Internet

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7:30 first wake-up to snooze

9:50 call pseudo manager of my office and acknowledge i will be late

11:10 arrive at work

workday ensues

7:30 arrive home

7:45 walk to Ralph's and buy stuff for turkey tacos

8:30 eat tacos with WAY too much sour cream, watch Beauty and the Geek and Survivor; also mistakingly pour a voddie and power drink cocktail (yikes!)

12:37 end up surfing TPR, myspace, and a4a (double yikes)

12:38 post this nonsense!

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7:20: Woke up and put "Friends" on

8:50: Actually got up and got dressed

9:00: Went on internet

9:30: Went upstairs and got my portable DVD player and Final Destination 2

9:35: Watched Final Destination while sat at the computer surfing and changing "The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole" into a half hour script for Drama

11:00: Took DVD player and DVD back upstairs

11:05: Continued surfing and working


And later I will be...


12:35: Get train to Northampton

12:45: Arrive

12:55: Arrive at shops, search for Corpse Bride DVD

14:00: Go and see Final Destination 3

16:00: Catch train home

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7:30am-Woke up

7:31am-Hit the alarm clock & went back to sleep,

9:21am-Woke up for real this time,

9:25am-Took shower, Brush teeth, ect.

9:35am-Rushing to dress while eating a Mc Griddle,

9:40am-Drove to classes,

9:45am-45 mins. late for my first class (English 100),

10:00am-Went to Cit-100 (Intorduction to Computers) (Had a test)

11:00am-Went to Cit-115 (Computer/Sftwre/Hrdwre/Tech/Info) Slept....

12:05pm-Drove home

12:10pm-Watched Transporter 2 on Dvd,

2:00pm-7:00p-Took 5 hour and some minutes nap,

7:10pm-9:15pm-Got dressed, Played X-Box

9:20pm-Drove to movies with Sis and Cousin,

9:45pm-Saw Final Destination 3

12:40am-Ate at TGIFridays,

1:50am-Drove home,

2:15am-Took shower,

2:30am-3:00am-Watch Tv

3:00am-5:10am-Played RCT 2,

Now (5:13am) internet/typing this.

6:00am-Going to bed.



That's all, I Think....

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The times are approximate.


10:00am - I woke up.

10:10 - 10:30am - I browsed through the newspaper.

10:30 - 10:35am - I ate breakfast.

10:40 - 12:00am? - I surfed around on the internet.

around 1:23pm - We drove to the train station.

1:38pm - We ran into the train.

2:00pm - We arrived to Helsinki.

2:01 - 3:40pm - We walked around the city, I bought a T-shirt and some pants.

3:45pm - We ate lunch, I had kebab with fries.

4:10 - 4:30pm - We were in a few shops, didn't buy anything.

4:31 - 4:50pm - We went back by train to Tikkurila.

5:00 - 5:20pm - We were in a supermarket, bought food.

5:22 - 5:44pm - We drobe back home.

5:49pm - I ate two slices of bread.

around 6:00pm - I ate a nice 'bun' with whipped cream and strawberry jam.

6:04 - 8:57pm - I read a magazine, I was on the computer played PES5, I messed around, watched the Women's Freestyle qualifications, Torino's winter olympics, I read Stephen King's Pet Semetery.

9:00 - 9:31pm - I watched Survivors Vanuatu, and drank a can of lousy alcohol free-cider.

9:32 - 11:25pm - I watched an Italian soccer game, Lazio - Udinese, quite boring, in the half time I was on the internet.

11:26 - 11:49pm - I was on the internet incl. TPR.

11:50- 00:35am - I watched World Poker Tour.

00:36am - I brushed my teeth.

00:41 - 00:56am -I lied down (in bed) and read a book.

00:58am - I switched of the lights...turned them on, switched off, turn on until 6:00 am- No just kidding.

I really fell asleep around 1:20 am

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Half of my day took place at Verdugo Pines Christian Camp


6:40- Woke up

7:15- Got dressed

7:20- Walked over to other cabin

7:21- Talked with friends

7:30- Walked to rec room and played several games of air hockey and bumper pool

8:00- Breakfast

8:30- Magic in chapel

8:40- Worship

9:00- Listened to my pastor talk

9:30- Went to cabin, packed up, brought luggage to busses

9:40- Slid on ice

9:50- Went to rec room and played more air hockey and bumper pool

11:30- Lunch

12:00- Prayer in chapel

12:30- Left camp

2:30- Got back to my church in Irvine

3:00- Got picked up by parents

3:30- Watched Winter Olympics

3:40- Took a shower

4:00- Watched more Olympics

4:30- Got on computer



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Any sleep I missed last week, I made up for it today!


11:45- Got out of bed

12:00- Watched the Nancy Drew movie on the Family Channel! WOOT!

2:15- Began to clean room

2:45- Took clothes to laundry room

3:00- Sorted clothes

3:30- Cleaned room some more/ listened to the Jim Gaffigan stand up comedy CD

4:00- Fell sleep

6:00- Got up again

6:15- Read the paper

6:45- Dinner

7:40- Picked up some Starbucks

8:10- Listened to satellite radio

9:00- Watched Desperate Housewives

10:00- Watched Grey's Anatomy

11:15- Listened to more music

11:45- Got online

Midnight- Typing this

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Well I was at a birthday party, so that's why I was up at 2 AM.


12:00 (AM)-Finished watching Red Eye/talked to people

2:30-Went to sleep

3:30-Woke up again/talked to whoever else was awake

5:30-Went back to sleep

8:40-Woke up again

9:20-Ate donuts and strawberries

9:45-Watched dumb music videos

11:00-Got picked up by my mom/went home

11:30-Went online

12:15-Ate lunch

1:00-Fell asleep again

5:20-Woke up/went online again

6:00-Ate dinner

7:00-Went to youth group

8:20-Fell half asleep during youth group since we were doing some relaxation thing where we lay down and closed our eyes.

8:45-Came home from youth group

9:15-Typing this


And now I'm going to bed since I'm still really tired.

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