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What Did You Do Today


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Woke up at 6:15


School at 7:30

Physics-Electricity stuff

US History-sleep

Jr. Honors LA- poetry crap

German II-project

Band-Worked on Festival stuff

Algebra II-worked on ellipses and found out I failed a quiz on Conic Sections


Got my hair cut

Allergy Shot

Physics Homework


Xbox 360


Internet again

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Woke up around 6:30

Took a shower, dressed, brushed teeth, etc.

Cheerios for breakfast.

Rode the bus to school.


At school:

Science: Did a presentation on one-celled organisms.

Lunch (at 10:00!!!)

Algebra I: Graphing equations and inequalities test.

English: Read a few chapters of 'The Outsiders.'

German II: Did some work related to the fairy tale: "Die Bremer Stadtmusickaten." (sp?)


Rode the bus home.

Did History and Algebra homework.

Ate dinner.

Went to guitar lessons.

And here I am!

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woke up at 6:55


got out of bed at 7:10

ate pancakes/had my coffee

took shower


8:10-got to school

had exit exams today so i only went to periods 3 and 4 (math, english)

3:00-walked home


3:35-got home, rested on the couch (it was hot outside, for wearing a black jacket and jeans!)


5:30- ate chicken for dinner


5:45-started on homwork


7:12 finished my homework, now im on here!

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4:30- Woke up

5:00- Practice

7:30- Got home

8:10-Left for schoole

8:30-3:00- School

3:30- Allergy Shots

4:45- Practice #2

7:30- Got home

8:00- Ate

8:30- started homework, probably finish in the AM because I'm too tired by the end of the day to focus.

10:30-11:00- Go to bed

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8:30- Woke up TOO EARLY.

8:50- Watched Tv.

9:00 -Put Batman Begins into DVD player.

12:00- Took shower.

12:30- Watched TV.

1:00- Cooked lunch of pasta.

2:00- Watched family guy on my comupter .

3:00- Drew funny pictures and made some comic strips.

4:00- Vacumed and cleaned the house.

5:00-6:00-sat on the computer watching more family guy.

7:00-9:00- Watched TV.

10:00-10:51(now) I am sitting here on TPR.

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went to school

had a field trip to the zeum here in SF

Made a claymation vid of coke and pepsi makeing a baby

Went to the new africa museum place

went home

played god of war

had french

watched TV

did this

many more comeing

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Let's see...


Woke up

Took a shower

Straightened my hair out

Ate breakfast

Went to a job interview

Came home

Played video games while my husband took a nap

Cleaned up the apartment

Went to the supermarket

Dropped perishable groceries off at home

Went to Taco Bell

Came home

Ate Taco Bell

Watched a movie (The Onion Field).. Weird but boring.

Watched a few episodes of Family Guy

Watched the Simpsons (stupid repeats)

Flipped channels and complained that there was nothing on

And here I am online while my husband sleeps.



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7:30am Woke up at to get ready for school, brushed my teeth

8:20am I woke up again and realized class starts in 10 minutes

8:30-1:00pm class

1:00-2:00 visited friend at his apartment

2:00 went to my apartment and made a bacon, ham, turkey and cheese sandwich


4:00 started my surveying homework and A.D.D. set in and i dont remember what i was doing


6:00 Surveying class

7:30-9:30 Surveying lab

10:00pm watched invasion

11:00 daily show then cobert report/futurama

12:00-now trying to find something to do tonight

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10:00, got up

10:30 - 12:00 went to Orthodontist

12:30 - 1:30 was at home and ate lunch

1:30 went to Post Office

1:45 - 2:30 went back home to study

2:45 - 3:15 went to Circuit City

3:30 - 4:15 went back home to relax

4:40 - 7:10 went to class

7:25 - now, went home, ate dinner, studied, played some DDR

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Woke up.

Took Diana to school.

Went to work.


Checked and corrected a bunch of AutoCAD drawings.

Went with a co-worker to pick up our pizzas for lunch.

Ate lunch.

Surfed the Web.

Did some more drawings.

Drank a Coke Zero.

Locked up the building.

Went to visit a friend to drop off some .pdf files.

Went home.

Had taquitos for dinner.

Read the papers.

Surfed the Web some more.

Picked up Diana and Trent at church.

Went for ice cream at 31 Flavors.

Went home.

Surfed Web some more.

Took out trash.

Typed this message.



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This will be quite boring!


got up

had some coffee

Reviewed for History test

went to school and took the test

more school

ate lunch

more school

walked home

ate some rice at home


went to orchestra practice

got back home after 2 hours

ate spaghetti for dinner


Typing this message right now


...look, I just wasted another 5 minutes.

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Ummm...mine is really interesting!!


Woke up at 7:00am

Got breakfast (Weetabix and Cranberry Juice)

Got a shower.

Got Dressed into my school uniform.

Left house and got in the car to go to school.

School started at 8:45 and got marked in in Form Class.

Had H.E (Home Economics and where I made my cheesecake)

Then break (Had orange juice and biscuit)

Had maths.

Then English

Then French

Then Lunch and then French.

Then English

And then I played hockey in games.

Got bus home from school at 3:30

Arrived home at 4:00

Now on TPR

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The student day:


Had a lazy morning at my girlfriend's, and eventually got up about 10:30


Walked through town from her flat to mine


Ate some lunch


Sat down in front of my laptop, and I don't appear to have moved since.




I did have the intention of doing some work, but that doesn't seem to have happened.

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Today is a VERY exciting day for me...


5:30- Alarm goes off.

5:31- Hit ‘Snooze’ button on alarm.

5:35- Hit ‘Snooze” button on alarm again.

5:45- Woke up & got out of bed

5:50- Bathroom, shower & shave

6:00- Ate breakfast

6:15- Got dressed, brushed teeth & combed hair

6:30- Left for work. Drove to train station.

6:45- Arrive at train station. Tried to find a decent parking space (no luck)

6:50- Stood on platform in the freezing cold & waited for train

7:00- Train arrived began my daily commute into downtown Toronto. While on train I alternatively snoozed and listened to the radio.

7:20- Train arrived at Union Station. Followed the mass hordes of commuters as they make their way in to the PATH (the Underground City).

7:45- Purchased coffee from Tim Hortons.

7:50- Arrived at work.

7:55- Checked e-mail.

8:00- Started working.

8:30- Mail delivery. Opened mail

10:30- Coffee Break, although I made myself some tea.

10:45- Continued working.

11:45- Ate lunch at my desk while working. Surfed the web. Visited Theme Park Review.


As I type this it's 12:11 and the excitement just continues!!!!!

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5:40-Woke up

5:50-Accidently went back to sleep

6:30-Quickly did homework

6:40-Got ready (sort of)

6:55-Left for school

7:30-School starts

7:35-Genres of Literature

8:40-Planned next years schedule in Orientation to Life & Careers

9:37-Life Science

10:35-Did BS busy work in World Geography

11:25-Left early for lunch at Olive Garden

1:00-Went to Banana Republic with a friend (bought nothing)

2:00-Listened to some music

2:30-Swung at a park

3:30-Watched TV

4:45-Typing this


Later in day....


6:30-Go to dads house for dinner


10:00-Talk for way too long on AIM

10:00-Get back on here

1:00 AM-Think

2:00 AM-Sleep

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Woke up at 6:50

Got ready for school.

Ate a muffin for breakfast.

Nearly missed the bus.


At School:

Keyboarding: Speed drills...not much else in keyboarding.

Lunch (still at 10:00!!!)

Algebra I: Realised I made a 'D' on my test yesterday.

English: Studied adverb, noun, and adjective clauses.

US History: Did work on Andrew Jackson and the War of 1812.


Rode the bus home.

Ate a leftover muffin from this morning.

Looked through a Guitar Center catalouge that came in.

Got online and here I am now.


I promise I won't post here everyday!

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6:30-Woke up

7:35-Left for school

8:00-School starts/went to Geometry

10:20-Brunch (aka break)

10:40-Went to P.E.

12:25-Ate lunch

1:05-Went to English

2:50-School got out/walked to Albertsons/came home

3:10-Worked on science fair with friends

5:45-Stopped working on science fair (and we didn't even get that much done)

Now-Typing this

Yeah my day was pretty boring.

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this is NOT exciting. but i feel the need to post anyway.


woke up at 7:30

went to the gym with elbisa (for two hours)

went home, did homework (for three hours)

played guitar

wrote some lyrics

went to class - Intro to Research in Music Education (4-7)

more homework

went to chorus (8-9:30) and sang some Brahms, laughed at people who can't pronounce German words correctly

sped down the thruway

am here, listening to Led Zeppelin


how is this exciting? and why am i posting? lol

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