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Walibi Belgium Discussion Thread

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  • 1 month later...

I made it down to Walibi Saturday night for the start of their Fright Night.      I got to say I was pretty impressed by the Halloween theming!   I didn't do any of the paid things,  but they look good, especially wicked woods.     I went in the evening primarily to get night rides on Konda.   The park usually closes at 6pm during the summer, but these two weekends the park is open until 10!  

So on to Konda.   It was definitely a fun experience at night, as I almost always love night rides.  It was chilly and raining most of the night though, so it wasn't running particularly fast.      I was happy that the singles line was finally open!    Ride ops did a great job of filling the trains and running an efficient two-train op.     I got probably close to 10 rides in just a few hours before 9ish PM.  As much fun as Konda is, when it hits the break run, I always feel disappointed that it missed out on the opportunity to be really special.   Such great moments and an interesting layout on the 2nd half, but the second half just feels slugish and a bit tame, and I still find the non-inverting cobra roll pointless.   

I might head back next weekend for the last of the Halloween Fright nights (trying to convince my friends out here to go, but none of them are really into amusement parks or Halloween...).




Konda at night!


Queue entrance


Mine train


Rebellion land, a rave kind of outdoor party.  It was actually pretty cool!20211030_211811.thumb.jpg.de47d1df9c80f207f5bb47bb9c6220cd.jpg


Haunted Circus setup

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Walibi Belgium has announced a major expansion project for the Aqualibi water park!




From December 2023, Aqualibi will host a major extension which mainly consists of the creation of a new tower containing 4 innovative water slides. In addition, several actions are carried out in line with the water park's carbon neutrality trajectory. Overall cost of the project: 30 million euros.

A wave of novelties is sweeping over Aqualibi! A first project consists of the extension of nearly 1,000m² of the water park by creating a new tower, approximately 25m high, housing a set of water slides unique in the Benelux. Thrill-seeking swimmers will thus be able, from the end of this year, to discover 4 new experiences ranging from side-by-side sliding competitions in buoys or mats, to a whirlwind adventure in a large funnel, to the push of a adrenaline during a vertiginous propulsion in a wave 18m high! In a second phase, the park will also open an outdoor tropical garden fitted out as a relaxation and dining area.

We are very excited to be able to announce such an investment for our water park!  These 4 "state-of-the-art" slides all have unique elements in the Benelux - and even in Europe. For example, a toboggan will allow duels of slides in buoys with high-speed ascents thanks to water jet propulsion technology. This new project is perfectly in line with our ambition to strengthen our position as a water park of reference in Belgium, offering an offer rich in sensations for an audience of all ages.
Jean-Christophe Parent - Managing Director Walibi Belgium-Aqualibi


Net Zero Carbon Trajectory

About half of the investment budget is allocated, on the one hand, to the energy efficiency of the water park and, on the other hand, to the decarbonisation of the remaining uses. Since the beginning of the year, several renovation works have been carried out in order to achieve significant energy savings. These include, among other things, the strengthening of current insulation, the replacement of the heating and ventilation system with high-performance systems and the optimization and automation of the operation of energy-consuming installations. In addition to acting on the reduction and improvement of energy performance, Aqualibi wishes to green its inputs through the production of renewable electricity. To do this, a park of photovoltaic panels with an area of more than two football fields (15. 700 m²) will be developed this year at the level of the staff car park, multiplying by 4 the production generated by the existing photovoltaic panel installations. The energy supplied will be used to operate the Aqualibi.

Open during carnival holidays

A first phase of work will be completed on February 17. Visitors will therefore be able to enjoy the water park during the carnival holidays from February 18 to March 5 . During the school holiday period, Aqualibi will offer 7 nights until 10 p.m. on February 18, 19, 23, 24 & 25 and March 3 & 4 , with various activities for young and old. Then, Aqualibi will still be open until August 27, 2023 before starting a second phase of work between August 28, 2023 and December 21, 2023.

Useful information

  • Website: https://www.aqualibi.be/fr/aqualibi-travaux-exceptionnels
  • Closure of Aqualibi for works
  • Phase 1: 09/01/2023 - 17/02/2023
  • Phase 2: 08/28/2023 - 12/21/2023
  • Slide manufacturer: ProSlide Technology Inc.


https://cdn.uc.assets.prezly.com/d0ddaba1-f954-4025-9257-373c4b0832de/Projet - Extension Aqualibi 2023.mp4 

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  • 7 months later...

Had a layover in Brussels for work and didn't know kondaa existed until I looked up if anything was new in the area. And I still almost didn't go, but I'm glad I made the trek. The first three hills are about as good as coasters come. The second half is weirder... I agree about the sideways cobra roll being mostly pointless, and I thought some of the banking was too much, like they were trying too hard to go toe to toe with rmc. But overall the ride is truly great, the airtime is excellent, and it's butter smooth. So glad there's an intamin mega resurgence. 

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We were able to make an expected visit when we had an additional day in Belgium about 2 weeks ago and had similar thoughts. Great first half, I was indifferent towards the non-inverting cobra roll other than it’s not very punchy, but the return run did feel very awkward. I much preferred the return run on Goliath up at Walibi Holland. Still fantastic, very smooth, great theming without being over the top, but the last section of bunny hops and turns just didn’t flow right for me.  

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