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Walibi Belgium Discussion Thread

P. 27 - Bad Flooding at the Park!

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  • 3 months later...

I'm not sure if porn is allowed on TPR, but here are some recent photos from Walibi Belgium's Facebook page showing the new trains for their yet to be named hyper. Intamin are creating such beautiful trains at the moment. Also love the look of the wave turn in the background.





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  • 3 weeks later...

Hopefully if Kondaa turns out great, we could see an Intamin megacoaster renaissance.

About time we saw such a lengthy and interesting coaster get built (without a launch) by Intamin.

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This looks so good. So much packed into the layout, and the ending looks so chaotic. I cannot wait to go to Belgium and ride this. I really hope you get to ride it soon and give us a review!

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55 minutes ago, Satchboogie3 said:

I've gotten in 2 rides so far today on Kondaa and can confirm that Intamin nailed it!   I'll post a full report on my first visit to Walibi later :)

Can't wait for the review, curious if Intamin is able to snatch the best coaster in Europe title back from RMC.

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