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Walibi Belgium Discussion Thread

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...and some facts from the accompanying article:


- this is at CSM in Belgium, which has been making for parts for Mack for 10 years now

- this ride for Walibi uses 600 tons of steel

- CSM has 4 buildings each the size of a football field

- they're currently working on 5 coasters




And a little extra fact shared by Mack:


CSM usually doesn't make track. This ride is an exception, as the track is relatively simple. All "twisted" track is still exclusively made by Mack themselves in Waldkirch, Germany.



photos: Het Belang van Limburg

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Glad to see a little bit more on how this thing's going to work. I'm even more curious now, because that video gives me the idea there won't be a splash when the car's traveling backwards - I wonder if there will be a retractable floor of some sort to quickly lower the water level, or if I'm just thinking too much into it!

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This is a cool idea. Better concept then Girrafica that was at Holiday World. Hopefully these pop up all over the place.

Pilgrims Plunge wasn't a bad concept, it was basically just a gigantic shoot-the-chute. It wasn't marketed as a roller coaster (was it?). You're better off comparing Pulsar to Divertical.

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