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Walibi Belgium Discussion Thread

P. 27 - Bad Flooding at the Park!

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So combining a Big Air coaster with a Mack Supersplash? I mean yeah they have the world first here but I'm not sure how much of a coaster this is, I mean we count Big Air's as credit right?

Anyways looks like fun. I'm in for a visit if this is it.

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New in 2016:



Mack PowerSplash


- 20-passenger boats

- LSM launch

- vertical drops forwards and backwards

- water splash


a total of 3 launches:

backwards launch to 50 kph (31 mph) ---> 25 m (82 ft) forwards drop

forwards launch to 80 kph (50 mph) ---> 35 m (115 ft) backwards drop

backwards launch to 100 kph (62 mph) ---> 45 m (147 ft) forwards drop




ride height: 45 metres (147 ft)

top speed: 100 kph (62 mph)

ride time: 70 seconds

cost: 8.5 million euro



source: Walibi + local press



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I'd expect that this ride will splash into the water much like B&M coasters do... Just lightly skimming the water... however, the scoops (or whatever the mechanism they use) could be configured in a way to throw water back on to the boat, soaking riders, or out around the boat's perimeter, soaking spectators. The "skimming" would allow the car to not loose a lot of speed. It seems like the launch would only be in the station area. The boat would have to make it out and back to the launch area. The first backwards launch goes up 82 ft. The second backwards launch goes up 147 ft. So that second trip through the course will definitely provide a much bigger splash. I like the concept!

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I like the idea of a turntable station.


Did you know that idea was actually first introduced on... a Pinfari Wacky Worm in 1981?


Big Apple - Luna Park


I too think is a great idea (I used it in one of my concept), yet I think it's very complex - just as the overall ride actually. Walibi is taking a huge bet with that, while the crowd is only asking for a true, good, fun, reliable and re-rideable coaster. But if it works, it'll be fun, for sure.

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Markers on the lake...




Markers on the land...




Land clearing...




Wait... that's not where the new ride is going?!



Land is being cleared in two areas not related to the PowerSplash ride.


While some people are already dreaming of an additional new ride - perhaps for 2017 - a more sensible explanation is that the area will be used to store the parts and equipment for the PowerSplash. There's a handy access road nearby.





photos: yelle8 at Pretparken.be

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Wow, I'm glad that I stumbled upon this thread. I never realized this was getting built until today. Looks like a very cool concept, I would like to see how it operates when complete.


Don't mean to bump an old topic, but about the "Drop n Splash"; was it really cancelled? That was one of the products from IAAPA that I really wanted to see get built.

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