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Aqua Teen Hunger Force!


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"Do what you do best, act stupid and follow me, now come on!" -Shake


I have only seen a few episodes of this hilarious show. I think my favorite is either Moon Master or Remooned. I really like the Mooninites, I admit.


And I assume that the reason why there hasn't been any new episodes lately is because of the creators working on a ATHF movie for the big screen (its said to come out this year).

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ATHF rules!! I can't wait until the movie comes out, either in March or April. Sometimes you just need a show that doesn't make any sense at all to make you laugh. My fav episode is MC Pee Pants from season 1. I must admit, the last couple of new episodes were not as funny as seasons past,that is because the writers were working on the movie and they even said themselves that they were going to focus more on the movie than the episodes at that time. Well, I'll still watch it no matter what. I love Meatwad. He is so cute. I like when he cries and how he is afraid of everything. "How can you sleep when Assited Living Dracula is on?"--Shake

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