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Kumba's Paint Comparison

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Here are some photos I took of Kumba today. I have included a few pictures from Nov. of 2005 so you can really see the difference.


Here are the showtimes, if you are interested.


Yes, they have replaced Haunted Lighthouse 4-D with Pirates.


The ride still runs great as always, just to let you know. Busch really knows how to take care of its coasters.


You sure it is not 1993?


I wonder if I am safe from this loaction...?


It really does stand out.


Look how bright the color is now.


Kumba, Feb 2006.


Kumba, November 2005.


Funny how someone mentioned, when I first posted these pictures, that they felt Kumba really needed a new coat of paint.


Poor little Kumba, almost looking neglected.

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Wow, its good to see my favorite looper get some love. Back in October it looked rough, but it still rode as forceful as ever, even if there were some bumpy spots. I know it'll probably fade a bit before I get back there, but I can't wait to see it in person. Those are really nice comparisons, Erik!

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