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Photo TR: My Random Trip To The UK

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Dave - Yep! Guitar rocks! I've been playing for more than half my life.



Ed - go for it! I had a lot of cellist friends in college who played viola as a secondary and were able to catch on rather quickly... one even played a viola piece on her recital.

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If you go into Wales... You never come out


Aside from that, party at Ed's wooo! BYOB though lol!


That's a no brainer seeing as you can't buy it legally!


Shh. That's what Andy and Mark are for lmao. Nah i don't use em for Booze lol. Mark does have xmas crackers that you can steal!


Nicholah- I'll ask my Cello teacher if she knows anyone who teaches Viola. I could probably pick it up but I wanna get good at it and I doubt I could do it on my won.

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my sister went to london. and then she went to manchester and then back to london and watched the producers. all of this without me!



oh. i can't play cello. i tried.


i play the violin, and bass. and viola. no celli for me.

i dont like playing in a huge orchestra(100 people or more).

too crowded.


i started on violin and learned that in elementary school.

and picked up viola in middle school'

and then bass in high school... (so that means i can readd all the silly clefs)

soo maybe cello in college?


i dont know. but music is fun.

and violin is tiny compared to all other string instruments, and squeeky. and evil with fingers.


daniel "i broke my g-string last week and i have yet to buy another one." sngiem

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Dave - Yep! Guitar rocks! I've been playing for more than half my life.


I've been playing for about half my life too, which is a long damn time!


Guitar, keyboards, and random percussion instruments. And trumpet/tuba when I was in school.


We shall have to discuss music this summer on the bus...



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So I'm finally back home. My last day in the UK wasn't as exciting because it ended up being a marathon of work stuff lasting until around 11:00pm.


But I did get a few pics from my journey home....


"This sucks!"


Oh, well.....I have another work trip to the UK scheduled for next month and of course there will be another random TR then too!


Ugh.....back in L.A.


LMAO! Landing in Los Angeles, this is the first sign I saw!!! "You are now passed the point of no return!"


Damn, United Airlines sure as hell does PACK us in!


Back in Chicago we see the awesome hallyway of lights and death.


Hot Damn! The brits sure are serious about their condoms! There was a 3rd machine that I couldn't get in the shot!


What I am curious about....where's the Kevin Federline "ode to white trash" cologne for men?


Our car is here to take us to the gate.




Yeah! Donkey Stone!!! Manchester airport rocks!!!


BMI has two fligths to the US today. Hmm....Vegas sounds like the better option!


*sigh* back at the airport means I have to leave.

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I'm glad you got a couple of shots of the nicer part of the airport!


If you check out our unwanted pregnancy and teen pregnancy rates compared to the rest of Europe, you'll understand why we have condom machines everywhere you turn.


Sucks that your last day was all work and no play, glad you got home safe!

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This image just prooves how us Brits are serious about sex too.

Notice on the left hand machine, it also sells Nurofen pain killer tablets, So when you buy your condoms, you wont have an excuse to say "Not tonight love - I gotta headache"

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^ *cough* Blackpool weekends


Sucks that you had to go home. What do you do for the 11 hours on the flights btw?


When I went to California it was the most boring flight ever. I watched the same movie 4 times.. And I ended up sleeping with my head on my seat and my legs sticking up in the air ontop of the seat infront...

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My favourites are the machines in trendy bars, that sell condoms, painkillers, party feet, skincare products, toothbrushes, and miniature sex toys. What more could you need on a night out!


"party feet" ???


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Sucks that you had to go home. What do you do for the 11 hours on the flights btw?

Let's see.


- Slept for about 6 1/2 hours

- Played 2 player Lumines on the PSP for about an hour

- Played Taiko No Tatsujin on the PSP for about an hour

- Watched two episodes of Family Guy

- Watered all my plants in Animal Crossing

- Photoshopped pics from our Denver trip last year


I think that about covers it!



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Lol. For anyone clueless genereally women put them on high heels and stuff to avoid blistering and pain when going out.


My friend has some and unless you go down to sniff their feet you can't they're there!

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Glad you made it back safely, though being back really isn't that much better, is it? Sure, you've got your wife again, but is there anything BETTER about LA than England?


You'll have to let us know when you're flying back again, maybe a few of us will tag along and take Britain impromptuly.

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