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Photo TR: My Random Trip To The UK

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Hey - hey - time to divy up them sweets, sweetie!!!



More than f-in enough to go around, say no more say no more.


That is a definitely a shelf full (or more?) of sugar goodyness and chocolatey orgazmo-licious booty!


And that's a good 'look' at how a TPR Stalker really operates, hmm? Sweet.


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^ No. Joey is not here.




I hate you. I hope you get beaten Rodney King style by those furry hat guys! And you can DIE too.

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Is there a single brit that DOESN'T have a poster from "The Smiths"??!?!


Well I don't... I only have theme park maps on my walls!


Those photo trip reports are fantastic, and had me laughing loads, as with them all!


Shame you can't visit london though, it's much nicer than manchester!

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^ Spot on. Le Cello


Bass, Tenor and Treble clef on there.. Treble Clef is a bitch on the cello. Right up the fingerboard.


Do you teach music as a general subject or a particular instrument?

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I figured, cause what other instrument uses THREE clefs? Cello is pretty much the best instrument EVER.


I teach instrumental music. Right now I'm teaching all band and no orchestra instruments, although I am certified to do band, orchestra, choir, and general music k-12. I'm also teaching guitar and drums right now.


My heart belongs to orchestra, though. I love playing in full orchestra, it's awesome. I'm a clarinet player, and it's so cool being the only one on a part, you hear the recording and it's like "That's me!" Plus, the jokes about G-strings are amusing.

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Wooo the Cello is the best thing ever invented. It's a musical instrument (duh) that also doubles as a killing device. The spike really hurts if you hit someone with it..


I play in a full orchestra. It's run by the local council and it brings in young kids with talent from all over our area (Trafford).

It's amazing because I love playing in it and we went on tour to Lake Garda (Italy) a few years ago. We even went to the same water park that Robb, Elissa, Joey and.. Dave? went to on their Europe trip!



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Whatever Az. Manchester owns your southern ass and you know it!


Couldn't be any further than the truth.

The South is by far the best part of the UK!


Why you say?

Because we have Flambards Village Theme Park


oh and Thorpe and Chessington, and before you ask Alton is in the midlands! Not the South or the North!

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Just noticed this crazy report made me laugh a little, Robb even if it a work thing sounds you having fab time trying to pop many things before you have to go back.


Hope you enjoy rest of your trip before you have to leave.


Thinking of Manchester where I haven’t been for years, they still got that Museum where you walk down this Sewer with water flowing down. (Strange I know)


Your local BP sounds strange having signs saying “Please Pay before Fuelling" – To many driving off without paying?


p.s Looking at the photos, what the Air Horn used for then hopefully not scaring people

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We even went to the same water park that Robb, Elissa, Joey and.. Dave? went to on their Europe trip!


Yeah, I was there. Along with Mary (my wife) and Dan, the other diabetic.


String instruments do indeed rule. Though I am still partial to the guitar as my all-time favorite instrument...



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Haha I forgot Dan... Woops.


I might try and learn the Viola.. Although Alto Clef puts me off. I played in it once and once only. I do love the sound it produces though. Less screechy than the violin.

Any advice from the music lady Nicolah?

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omg I've been to that house! like 4 times =P Ha!


Ed!/Tom! you should so have a party sometime!!



Robb you should come to wales *nods* it's like a billion times better than the north/south of england / the whole of britian. =P so there.

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