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Steelers win the Super Bowl.


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Plus, how do you get a 15 yard penalty for a cut block on a tackle?


I thought that was the only real bad call of the game.


One of the Seahawk incompletions, the receiver had one foot in and the other foot knocked the pylon over, which by definition is INBOUNDS


You are confusing feet with the football. You MUST come down with two feet ... period. Unless of course, you are pushed out.


The pass interference is interesting, because the Steeler initiated contact. But like they always say, two wrongs don't make a right. The receiver cleared extended his arm to 90 degrees. Didn't help that he was also right into of the ref.


TD was close, but NO TD!


Ok. We got cha!

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I have just some food for thought. Yes I am a Steelers fan, yes I know Bill Leavy (he is from San Jose and we both are from the same organization), yes there were controversial calls (aren't there always?), and yes, I am proud the Steelers are Super Bowl champs. That can never be taken away, debate all you want, but the refs didn't miss 2 field goals, drop passes, hold, etc. They made the calls they know to make. It isn't easy, but they do the best they can. The players work hard too and should have the respect for being in that game.


All that said, I have some other comments below:


"I also have to say some Steelers fans (Some, not ALL!) have NO class. I mean, when you boo all the past MPV's as they come out on the field, that's just no respect."


I really don't think that Pittsburgh fans were the only fans there.


As for the NOBODY liked the ref, I have Chris Carter's take on the game below. This is just the introduction, the rest of the article is at this link.




By defeating the AFC's top three seeds and the NFC's No. 1 seed in the Seattle Seahawks, the Pittsburgh Steelers' march to a Super Bowl XL victory has to be considered the best postseason run of all time.


Perhaps even more amazing is that the Steelers didn't even play their best football against the Seahawks. But the sign of a great football team is the ability to stay in the game when it is not playing well. Pittsburgh was nowhere near playing its best football, but it still held a four-point lead at halftime.


Steelers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt did a great job managing Ben Roethlisberger through a rough first half, helping his young quarterback gain some confidence with a quarterback draw on third down. Whisenhunt's play calling (namely Antwaan Randle El's reverse pass for a touchdown) was a key part of the victory, and Pittsburgh truly will miss him if he decides to take the Raiders' head coaching job.


The difference in the game for the Seahawks was not taking advantage of a dominant first half. Seattle allowed the Steelers to get their feet underneath them and then watched Willie Parker break free for a 75-yard touchdown run right after halftime. In the end, it was too hard to overcome that 11-point deficit.


Yes, the officiating wasn't the best. But the Seahawks made enough mistakes to blame themselves, not just the referees.

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Agreed! I love the Steelers but nothing baseball!


I think both the pass interference and touchdown plays are being overhyped since both follow the rules - there was contact, adn the ball broke the plain. Simple as that, at least in my mind.

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Steelers fans have tons of class. When they came to cleveland last time, you could say they were gracious enough to totally clean house!

Granted, they didn't wipe the embarrassed looks on the Browns faces, but they did clean house.



<----yeah, I'm from Cleveland, so what....

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