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Super Bowl Commercials


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I loved the Kermit the Frog Ford commercial.


Also, during the pregame (yay for Vault ads!!!) the Miss Piggy version of the Jessica Simpson Pizza Hut comemrcial they showed 50,000 times was hilarious!!! (again, the Piggy version, not the Jessica version)

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i didnt watch the superbowl, but i watch the commercials on AOL.


my top one were...


3. Beer Stadium - that one was just cool. i assume it was all computer generated, but it was still pretty sweet.


2. FedEx - Cavemen - "Not my problem"...that line had me cracking up! And then when he gets crushed...classic.


1. Ameriquest - Flight - I had to watch that three times. I laughed my ass off. Not just cause she was on the guys lap, but because of the sound everyone made when the plane shook. I'm wierd like that i suppose.


on the other hand...


the burger king one was creepy especially the end when they were dropping the girls from the ceiling.


i too hate when they use regular commercials. it takes the fun out of it.


that kermit one they had been talking about was a let down...i was expecting something more i guess.

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