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TDS's Tower of Terror

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In all fairness though, while the building's exterior definately looks more detailed, it is the exact same shape and scale of the DCA version.


Even when passing behind the building on the monorail, all of the electrical boxes and other ride system equipment looks pretty identical.


It wouldn't suprise me to find out that the ride is very similar to the DCA version. Of course that leaves the queue and preshow, which given OLC's track record, could be way better than what DCA has.


Either way, the ride is really fun, and it is in a way way way better park. I can't wait to ride it next year!



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I still can't believe how cool this one looks.


I'm probably going to annoy a bunch of Orlando fans with this, but I think this one looks a lot more interesting than the original tower. It has far more depth to its structure and just the fact that they avoiding making it symmetrical make it look far more realistic as a building and less like a structure build for the purpose of housing a ride. Less obvious, if you will.


Two things I wonder about though..


Are there no view points out the facade of the building? That'd be a HUGE shame. Being able to see the lifts rise and fall out of sight is pretty much the classic scene that people recognise this attraction for.


Also, those extra blocks that stick out the side of the very top floor of the tower... DCA has them, TDS has them, and now DLP has them. Are they an important part of the ride's system? Do they house some motors or are they purely a visual aspect that the imagineers thought would break up the monotony of an otherwise plain, flat structure?

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I'm going to Tokyo Disney in April of this year. Any chance it may be open?


Not "officially" open till Halloween. So I doubt the soft openings would start that early. Maybe at the end of summer.


Ya never know, tho, hmmm?

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Looks pretty much identical to the DCA version... which I'll have to try sometime, if I ever get to California. I still like the WDW design, though.


Are you on crack?




The architectural style is completely different.

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The TDS tower definitely has more depth to it's architecture than the other versions, but IMO, it just doesn't strike me as scary. It's a little too... I don't know. Will this one have a garden? That's probably the biggest hit against DCA's.

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DCA's has more of a southern California "art deco" look to it, while TDS's has more of an East Coast "gothic" feel, seems to me (looks like they put stately Wayne Manor on top of it).

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If I remember correctly from DCA's TOT construction -- the motors are quite wide and narrow -- perhaps the additional space on the sides is for maintenance access?


This ride looks sweet -- hope they don't ruin the attraction with DCA's dreaded hallway.


I feel a global park hoping trip is in order!

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